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»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Reference>Writers` guides
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Skills>Writers' aids
»»Poetry>Magazines>Young writer
»»Fiction>Magazines>Young writer
»»Fiction>Resources>Writers' groups
»»Fiction>Resources>Writers' circles
»»Poetry>Resources>Writers' groups
»»Poetry>Resources>Writers' circles
»»Non-Fiction>Resources>Writers' groups
»»Non-Fiction>Resources>Writers' circles
»»Film & TV>Resources>Writers' groups
»»Film & TV>Resources>Writers' circles
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»»Theatre>Resources>Writers' circles
»»Fiction>Writers' Groups
»»Poetry>Writers' Groups
»»Non-Fiction>Writers' Groups
»»Film & TV>Writers' Groups
»»Theatre>Writers' Groups

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 »»Airedale Writers’ Circle
 »»Ayr Writers' Club
 »»Battersea Writers' Group
 »»BBC Writer' s Room
 »»Beginnings, A Magazine for the Novice Writer
 »»Blackburn and Darwen Writers Group
 »»Bute Writers Group
 »»Contemporary Writers
 »»Cops 'n' Writers
 »»Crime Writers' Association
 »»Directory of Writers Circles, Courses and Workshops
 »»Fiction 4-Writers.com
 »»Fiction Writers.com
 »»Guildford Writers
 »»Hampshire Writers
 »»Horror Writers Association
 »»Individual Screenwriter Awards
 »»Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau
 »»King's Lynn Writers' Circle
 »»London Writers' Cafe
 »»Mystery Writers' Forum
 »»National Association of Writers Groups
 »»National Association of Writers in Education
 »»New London Writers
 »»New Writer Prose Prize
 »»Poets & Writers Online
 »»Renegade Writers
 »»Richmond Writers' Circle
 »»Rivendell Writers Guild
 »»Speakeasy; Milton Keynes Writers' Group
 »»T Party Writers' Group
 »»The American Crime Writers' League
 »»The Association of Writers and Writing Programmes
 »»The Camden Town Writers' Circle
 »»The New Writer
 »»The Original Writers Group
 »»The Scottish Association of Writers
 »»The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
 »»The Writer's Muse
 »»The Writers Compass
 »»University of Winchester Writers' Festival
 »»Verulam Writers Circle
 »»West London Writers' Guild
 »»Westminster Writers Group
 »»Writer's Resource Centre
 »»Writers BBS
 »»Writers Block
 »»Writers Bureau
 »»Writers Inc
 »»Writers Village University
 »»Writers Workshop
 »»Writers Write
 »»Writers' Bookshop
 »»Writers' Centre Norwich
 »»Writers' Forum
 »»Writers' Forum incorporating World Wide Writers
 »»Writers' News
 »»Writers' News
 »»Writers' Own Publications
 »»Writers' Village
 »»Writersworld Limited
 »»Wyke Writers' Workshop
 »»Young Writer