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»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>History of art
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>Art history
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>Book arts
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>Earth science
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Arts>Art history
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Pastimes>Martial arts
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Arts>Fine art
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>People>Art therapy
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»»Film & TV>Producers>Arts
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»»Non-Fiction>Magazines>Art history

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 »»Advance! Poetry Quarterly
 »»Antiques and Art Independent
 »»Art Monthly
 »»Art Trade Press
 »»Artech House
 »»Artellus Limited
 »»Arts Access UK
 »»Bad Poetry Quarterly
 »»BBC Arts
 »»Carmarthenshire Life
 »»Cartwn Cymru
 »»Cencrastus: Scottish & International Literature, Arts and Affairs
 »»Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
 »»Church Music Quarterly
 »»Community of Poets and Artists Press
 »»Computer Arts
 »»Cooltan Arts
 »»Critical Quarterly
 »»Critical Quarterly
 »»Dandelion Arts Magazine
 »»Darton, Longman & Todd Ltd
 »»Darts World
 »»Delhi London Poetry Quarterly
 »»Earthscan Publications
 »»Eden Arts
 »»Farrant Partnership
 »»Forward Arts Foundation
 »»Four Quarters Press
 »»Gun Mart
 »»Hartswood Films Ltd
 »»Heart of Albion Press
 »»Heartline Books Limited
 »»Hilmarton Manor Press
 »»Holt Reinhart & Winston
 »»HQ Poetry Magazine (Haiku Quarterly)
 »»Jewish Quarterly
 »»Judy Martin
 »»Lawrence & Wishart Ltd
 »»Manning Partnership
 »»Martin Books
 »»Martin Dunitz Ltd
 »»Martinez Literary Agency
 »»Merseyside Arts Magazine
 »»New Departures/Poetry Olympics
 »»New Theatre Quarterly
 »»Open College of the Arts
 »»Oxford Quarterly Review
 »»Partners In Poetry
 »»Poetry Postcard Quarterly
 »»Poetry Quarterly Review
 »»Quartet Books
 »»Shirley Stewart Literary Agency
 »»Sweetheart Films
 »»T Party Writers' Group
 »»Tanja Howarth Literary Agency
 »»Tartarus Press
 »»The Art Newspaper
 »»The Art Newspaper
 »»The Arthur C.Clarke Award
 »»The Arts Council
 »»The Creative Screen Partnership
 »»The Lighthouse Poetry Quarterly
 »»The Political Quarterly
 »»The Stuart Agency
 »»The Walnut Partnership
 »»Various Artists
 »»Verbatim:The Language Quarterly
 »»Voluntary Arts England
 »»Working Partners