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»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Reference>Writers` guides
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>Community justice
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>Equal opportunities
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>Literary criticism
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>Political philosophy
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>Science fiction criticism
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>Sexual politics
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Skills>Charity finance
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>Black British
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>Scandinavian literature
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Skills>Writers' aids
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>Black politics
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>Community care
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>Left wing politics
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>Political theory
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>School>Learning disability
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Arts>Creative writing
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Arts>Literary criticism
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>People>Ghost writing
»»Non-Fiction>Agents>Writing Tips
»»Poetry>Magazines>Young writer
»»Fiction>Magazines>Young writer
»»Film & TV>Producers>Digital multimedia
»»Non-Fiction>Magazines>Classical guitar
»»Non-Fiction>Magazines>Machine knitting
»»Non-Fiction>Magazines>Spiritual healing
»»Non-Fiction>Magazines>Cinema architecture
»»Non-Fiction>Magazines>Military history
»»Non-Fiction>Magazines>Digital video
»»Non-Fiction>Magazines>Maritime history
»»Non-Fiction>Magazines>Personality interviews
»»Fiction>Resources>Ghost writing
»»Fiction>Resources>Writing help
»»Poetry>Resources>Writing help
»»Non-Fiction>Resources>Writing help
»»Non-Fiction>Resources>Ghost writing
»»Theatre>Resources>Writing help
»»Fiction>Resources>Web site design
»»Poetry>Resources>Web site design
»»Non-Fiction>Resources>Web site design
»»Fiction>Resources>Writers' groups
»»Fiction>Resources>Writers' circles
»»Poetry>Resources>Writers' groups
»»Poetry>Resources>Writers' circles
»»Non-Fiction>Resources>Writers' groups
»»Non-Fiction>Resources>Writers' circles
»»Film & TV>Resources>Writers' groups
»»Film & TV>Resources>Writers' circles
»»Theatre>Resources>Writers' groups
»»Theatre>Resources>Writers' circles
»»Non-Fiction>Magazines>Cross stitch
»»Non-Fiction>Magazines>Digital camera
»»Non-Fiction>Magazines>Facilities management
»»Non-Fiction>Agents>Mind body spirit
»»Fiction>Writers' Groups
»»Poetry>Writers' Groups
»»Non-Fiction>Writers' Groups
»»Film & TV>Writers' Groups
»»Theatre>Writers' Groups
»»Film & TV>Competitions

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 »»Abbey Agency (Literary Services)
 »»Absolute Write
 »»Acumen Publishing Limited
 »»Airedale Writers’ Circle
 »»Aitken Alexander Associates Ltd
 »»ALD Literary
 »»Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine
 »»Ambit Magazine
 »»Anaphora Literary Press
 »»Anglia Ruskin University
 »»Anne Joseph Editorial
 »»Anthony Sheil in association with Aitken Alexander Associates
 »»Anubis Literary Agency
 »»Apex Television Production & Facilities Ltd
 »»Apple Literary Agency
 »»Arabesques Literary and Cultural Review
 »»Arc Editorial Consultancy
 »»Architects' Journal
 »»Architectural Design
 »»Architectural Press
 »»Artellus Limited
 »»Associated Publicity Holdings Ltd
 »»Associated University Presses (AUP)
 »»Aureus Publishing Limited
 »»Award Publications Limited
 »»Ayr Writers' Club
 »»Barbara Levy Literary Agency
 »»Battersea Writers' Group
 »»BBC Writer' s Room
 »»Bedford Open Poetry Competition
 »»Beginnings, A Magazine for the Novice Writer
 »»Bender, Richardson, White
 »»Benjamin Franklin House Literary Prize
 »»Berlitz Publishing Co. Ltd
 »»Best of British
 »»BeWrite Books
 »»Biscuit Poetry and Fiction Prizes
 »»Biscuit Publishing Ltd.
 »»Bishopsgate Institute
 »»Bitter Lemon Press
 »»Black & White Publishing Ltd
 »»Black Coral Productions Limited
 »»Blackberry Literary Agency
 »»Blackburn and Darwen Writers Group
 »»Blackwatch Productions Limited
 »»Blake Friedmann Literary Agency Ltd
 »»Blithe Spirit: Journal of the British Haiku Society
 »»Booth-Clibborn Editions
 »»British Academic Press
 »»British Association for Adoption and Fostering
 »»British Birds
 »»British Chess Magazine
 »»British Czech & Slovak Association
 »»British Fantasy Society
 »»British Haiku Society
 »»British Lion Screen Entertainment Ltd
 »»British Medical Journal
 »»British Philatelic Bulletin
 »»British Railway Modelling
 »»Brittle Star
 »»Bucknell University Press
 »»Bute Writers Group
 »»Cambridge University Press
 »»Caroline Davidson Literary Agency
 »»Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency Ltd
 »»Carroll & Brown Publishers Limited
 »»Cassell Military/Cassell Reference
 »»Cat Ledger Literary Agency
 »»Cavendish Publishing Limited
 »»Cecily Ware Literary Agents
 »»Cencrastus: Scottish & International Literature, Arts and Affairs
 »»Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
 »»Chatsworth Television Limited
 »»Christian Heritage
 »»Christopher Little Literary Agency
 »»Cinema Verity Productions Ltd
 »»Citizens Theatre
 »»City University
 »»City Writings
 »»Classical Guitar
 »»Colchester Mercury Theatre Limited
 »»Columbia Publishing Wales Limited
 »»Columbia University Press
 »»Commonwealth Short Story Competition
 »»Community Care Magazine
 »»Community of Poets and Artists Press
 »»Computing, The IT Newspaper
 »»Connections: The Literary Scene in the South East
 »»Contemporary Writers
 »»Conville & Walsh Limited
 »»Conway Maritime Press
 »»Coombs Moylett Literary Agency
 »»Cops 'n' Writers
 »»Copyright website
 »»Council for British Archaeology
 »»Creative Writing Holidays
 »»Creative Writing Weekends
 »»Credit Collections and Risk
 »»Crime Writers' Association
 »»Critical Quarterly
 »»Critical Quarterly
 »»Cross Stitch Collection
 »»Cross Stitcher Magazine
 »»Cross Stitching
 »»Cumbrian Literary Group
 »»Darley Anderson Literary, TV & Film Agency
 »»David Grossman Literary Agency Ltd
 »»David O'Leary Literary Agents
 »»David Porteous Editions
 »»Deep Underground Poetry Community
 »»Digital Camera World
 »»Digital Photographer
 »»Directory of Writers Circles, Courses and Workshops
 »»Disability Now
 »»Disability Writes
 »»Discover Britain
 »»Diverse Productions Limited
 »»Dorian Literary Agency (DLA)
 »»Duck EditionslDuckbacks
 »»Duncan Petersen Publishing Limited
 »»EcceNova Editions
 »»Edinburgh University Press
 »»Elizabeth Roy Literary Agency
 »»English Heritage (Publications)
 »»Enitharmon Press
 »»Eunice McMullen Children's Literary Agent Ltd
 »»Eve White Literary Agency
 »»Fairleigh Dickinson University Press
 »»Faith Evans Associates
 »»Felicity Bryan
 »»Fiction 4-Writers.com
 »»Fiction Writers.com
 »»Fitzgerald Publishing
 »»Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers
 »»Fitzwarren Publishing
 »»Flash Fiction Writing Workshop
 »»Flashback Television Limited
 »»Flip Scriptwriting Competition
 »»Flying Witch
 »»Folens Limited
 »»Fox & Howard Literary Agency
 »»Frome Festival Short Story Competition
 »»Get Writing
 »»Get Writing Northern Ireland
 »»Gower Publishing Limited
 »»Graham & Whiteside Ltd
 »»Granite Film & Television Productions Ltd.
 »»Griffith Institute
 »»Guildford Writers
 »»Guitar & Bass Magazine
 »»Hampshire Writers
 »»Harvard University Press
 »»Health & Fitness
 »»Healthcare Productions Limited
 »»Heartline Books Limited
 »»Heritage Theatre Ltd
 »»Hesperus Press Limited
 »»Historic Military Press
 »»Horror Writers Association
 »»Horus Editions
 »»Hub Editions
 »»Ignition Films Ltd
 »»IMG Literary UK
 »»Individual Screenwriter Awards
 »»Infinite Ideas
 »»Infinity Junction
 »»Initialize Films
 »»Inkitt Literary Agency
 »»Institute of Physics Publishing
 »»Inter-Varsity Press
 »»Intercontinental Literary Agency
 »»International Literary Representation & Management LLC
 »»Itchy Coo
 »»Ithaca Press
 »»ITV Studios
 »»J. Whitaker & Sons Ltd
 »»Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau
 »»Jane Judd Literary Agency
 »»Janklow & Nesbit (UK) Ltd
 »»Jennifer Luithlen Agency
 »»Jeremy Mills Publishing Limited
 »»John Welch, Literary Consultant & Agent
 »»John Whiting Award
 »»Judith Chilcote Agency
 »»Judith Handbooks
 »»Judith Murdoch Literary Agency
 »»Juliet Burton Literary Agency
 »»Kate Hordern Literary Agency
 »»King's Lynn Writers' Circle
 »»Kitchen Garden
 »»Kitchens Bedrooms and Bathooms
 »»Kudos Productions Limited
 »»Labour and Management Limited
 »»Laura Morris Literary Agency
 »»Laurence Fitch Ltd
 »»LAW Ltd (Lucas Alexander Whitley)
 »»Lehigh University Press
 »»Limelight Celebrity Management
 »»Lisa Eveleigh Literary Agency
 »»Literal Editorial Services
 »»Literature Wales
 »»Little Bird Company Ltd
 »»Little Dancer Ltd
 »»Little Tiger Press
 »»Little, Brown Book Group
 »»Liverpool University Press
 »»Liverpool University Press
 »»London Writers' Cafe
 »»lorella bella literary agency
 »»lorella belli literary agency (LBLA)
 »»LWT United Productions
 »»Lyric Theatre Hammersmith
 »»MacFarlane Chard Associates Limited
 »»Machine Knitting Monthly
 »»Macmillan New Writing
 »»Maggie Noach Literary Agency
 »»Manchester United Books
 »»Manchester University Press
 »»Margaret Hanbury Literary Agency
 »»Martin Dunitz Ltd
 »»Martinez Literary Agency
 »»Mary Clemmey Literary Agency
 »»Maypole Editions
 »»MBA Literary Agents Ltd
 »»Men's Fitness
 »»Merric Davidson Literary Agency
 »»Mic Cheetham Literary Agency
 »»Mighty Erudite
 »»Milet Publishing Limited
 »»Military Modelling
 »»Minority Rights Group
 »»Mitchell Beazley
 »»Moonlicht Nicht Story Competition
 »»Mulitlingual Matters
 »»Muscle & Fitness
 »»Mystery Writers' Forum
 »»National Association of Writers Groups
 »»National Association of Writers in Education
 »»Nelson Thornes Limited
 »»New London Writers
 »»New Stitches
 »»New Writer Prose Prize
 »»New Writing North
 »»New Writing Scotland
 »»New Writing Scotland
 »»NMS Enterprises Limited-Publishing
 »»No Exit Press
 »»Nottingham University Press
 »»Obsessed With Pipework
 »»Open University Press
 »»Owen Robinson Literary Agents
 »»Oxford University Press
 »»Panacea Press Limited
 »»Perfect Pitch
 »»Petra Kenney Poetry Competition
 »»Phaidon Press Limited
 »»Pinwheel Limited
 »»Pitkin Unichrome
 »»Plantaganet Films Limited
 »»Playne Books Limited
 »»Poems in the Waiting Room
 »»Poets & Writers Online
 »»Policy Studies Institute (PSI)
 »»Politico's Publishing
 »»Polity Press
 »»Pollinger Limited
 »»Practical Digital Video
 »»Preditors & Editors
 »»Prestel Publishing Limited
 »»Princeton University Press
 »»Princeton University Press - Europe
 »»PVA Management Limited
 »»Quality Fiction Magazine
 »»Quality Women's Fiction
 »»Regency House Publishing Limited
 »»Renegade Writers
 »»RHE Media Limited
 »»Richmond Writers' Circle
 »»Rivendell Writers Guild
 »»Robert Gibson & Sons Glasgow Limited
 »»Robert Smith Literary Agency Ltd
 »»Rogers, Coleridge & White Ltd
 »»Rowman & Littlefield
 »»Royal National Institute for the Blind
 »»Running Fitness
 »»Ryland Peters and Small Limited
 »»S.T. Literary Agency
 »»Sheila Ableman Literary Agency
 »»Shelley Power Literary Agency Ltd
 »»Shirley Stewart Literary Agency
 »»Simon & Schuster UK Limited
 »»Simply Knitting
 »»Smash Hits
 »»Smith Gryphon Ltd
 »»Smith/Doorstop Books
 »»Smiths Knoll
 »»Speakeasy; Milton Keynes Writers' Group
 »»Springer-Verlag London Limited
 »»Steph Roundsmith
 »»Stirling Film & TV Productions Limited
 »»Stone Flower Limited
 »»Studymates Limited
 »»Susan Yearwood Literary Agency SYLA
 »»Swansea Little Theatre Ltd
 »»T Party Writers' Group
 »»Talisman Films Limited
 »»Tamar Karet Literary Agency
 »»Tanja Howarth Literary Agency
 »»Teresa Chris Literary Agency
 »»The American Crime Writers' League
 »»The Andrew Lownie Literary Agency
 »»The Architectural Review
 »»The Association for Scottish Literary Studies
 »»The Association of Writers and Writing Programmes
 »»The Barrie James Literary Agency
 »»The BlueCat Screenplay Competition
 »»The Book Bureau Literary Agency
 »»The British Academy
 »»The British Library
 »»The British Museum Press
 »»The Camden Town Writers' Circle
 »»The Complete Creative Writing Course
 »»The Continuum InternationalPublishing Group Limited
 »»The Curtis Childrens Literary Consultancy
 »»The ENDpapers Literary Prize for Short Stories
 »»The Expert Editor
 »»The Italian Magazine
 »»The Knight Hall Agency Limited
 »»The Learning Institute
 »»The Literary Consultancy Ltd
 »»The Literary Review
 »»The Literary Review
 »»The Macallan/Scotland on Sunday Short Story Competition
 »»The Momaya Short Story Competition
 »»The New Writer
 »»The Original Writers Group
 »»The Orion Publishing Group Limited
 »»The Poetry Kit
 »»The Political Quarterly
 »»The Practitioner
 »»The Royal Literary Fund
 »»The Royal Society of Literature
 »»The Sayle Literary Agency
 »»The Scottish Association of Writers
 »»The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
 »»The Standen Literary Agency
 »»The Times Literary Supplement
 »»The Times Literary Supplement
 »»The Unity Theatre
 »»The Vital Spark
 »»The WritePro Corporation
 »»The Writer's Muse
 »»The Writers Compass
 »»The Writing College
 »»The Writing Smithy
 »»Titan Books
 »»Titan Books
 »»Total Guitar
 »»Traditional Woodworking
 »»United Agents
 »»United Authors Ltd
 »»United Press Ltd
 »»Unity Theatre
 »»University of California Press
 »»University of East Anglia
 »»University of Exeter Press
 »»University of Glamorgan
 »»University of Hertfordshire Press
 »»University of Liverpool
 »»University of Nottingham
 »»University of Oxford
 »»University of Sussex
 »»University of Wales Press
 »»University of West London
 »»University of Winchester Writers' Festival
 »»Utility Week
 »»Vallentine Mitchell Publishers
 »»Vanity Fair
 »»Verity Bargate Award
 »»Verulam Writers Circle
 »»Vintage Spirit
 »»Wade and Doherty Literary Agency
 »»Walsh Brothers Limited
 »»Warburg Institute
 »»Ware Poets Open Poetry Competition
 »»Watson, Little Ltd
 »»Wellington Town Council Short Story Competition
 »»West London Writers' Guild
 »»Westminster Writers Group
 »»What Digital Camera
 »»What Satellite & DigitalTV
 »»What Satellite and Digital TV
 »»White Bear Theatre Club
 »»White Ladder Press
 »»Whittet Books Ltd
 »»Whittles Publishing
 »»Windsor Fringe Drama Writing Award
 »»WIT Press
 »»Witan Books & Publishing Services
 »»Women on Writing
 »»Wordplay Creative Writing Day Workshops
 »»Wordsworth Editions Ltd
 »»Working Title Films Ltd
 »»Write Exposure
 »»Write on Holiday
 »»Write Voice
 »»Write your novel in a year
 »»Writer's Resource Centre
 »»Writers BBS
 »»Writers Block
 »»Writers Bureau
 »»Writers Inc
 »»Writers Village University
 »»Writers Workshop
 »»Writers Write
 »»Writers' Bookshop
 »»Writers' Centre Norwich
 »»Writers' Forum
 »»Writers' Forum incorporating World Wide Writers
 »»Writers' News
 »»Writers' News
 »»Writers' Own Publications
 »»Writers' Village
 »»Writersworld Limited
 »»Writing Classes
 »»Writing Corner
 »»Writing for Money
 »»Writing for Performance
 »»Wyke Writers' Workshop
 »»Yale University Press (London)
 »»You Write On
 »»Young Writer