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Writers' Tips

Some rules are made to be broken. And some are not.

Always type your work. Publishers, theatres or tv companies will NOT accept handwritten material. Ever.

∑ It might sound obviousóbut keep it tidy. Use decent paper- and only ever one side of it. Number your pages. If you mess a page up, reprint it.

∑ Donít send work out with fancy binders, covers, etc. It wonít make the work any better and it puts most agents, publishers etc off- itís the writing they want to grab their attention, not the psychedelic cover. It will only go in the bin. Beware.

∑ Keep a record of where you send you work and what date.

∑ Always have someone read your work before you send it out- but not your mother, best friend or partner. Try a work colleague, someone who is relatively unbiased about you- or send it to us.

Do your research. Every agent, publisher, theatre or film mogul has a dozen stories about new writers who send travel books to a sports publisher, or clearly havenít read the magazine theyíre approaching. Donít insult the market- and donít waste your time and money. Target. Thatís what our directoryís for.

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