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Q. Do I need to worry about copyright when sending my work out?

A. No. This is a concern many new authors have- they worry that sending their work out to possibly unscrupulous agents, magazines, tv companies or publishers means they might see it turn up elsewhere, in the future, with someone else’s name on it. To be honest, the chances of this happening are practically nil; you can safeguard against it in a few simple ways. Take our advice about which agents and companies you send work to; reputable companies won’t dream of stealing your precious words. If you want to copyright it to make sure, post a copy of your writing to yourself, making sure you date it. There’s only a limited number of ideas in the world; you might find something that sounds similiar turning up on the tv or in a new novel, but the chances are you and the other author simply had the same idea at the same time.
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