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What you can expect to earn from features and other articles in newspapers & magazines

Freelance rates vary- hugely. The National Union of Journalists sets minimum rates but they are guidelines. These rates are accurate as of Jan 2003.

National newspapers:

Broadsheets pay under £220 per 1000 words. Tabloids usually pay more but the articles are shorter.

£230 per 1000 words or pro-rata.

Colour supplements
Higher rates should apply. Negotiate as best you can.

Regional and provincial newspapers:

Both features and news tend to pay around £2-3 per ten lines of printed text. But payment on both dailies and Sundays in this area is considered to be below acceptable levels.


Group A
Large circulation titles, eg. Cosmopolitan, Hello!, Marie Claire, Radio Times, Woman, Woman’s Own; £450 per 1000 words for features

Group B
Consumer magazines, eg. The Face, Time Out, Moneywise; £325 per 1000 words for features.

Group C
Special interest/trade eg. Accountancy Age, Architect’s Journal: £250 per 1000 words for features

Group D
Magazines with little or no advertising, eg. Nursing Times £180 per 1000 words for features

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