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Community Radio

In May 2001 the Radio Authority announced that it was setting up a pilot study on Access Radio (now known as Community Radio). The Authority selected fifteen groups around the UK to take part, and the first service commenced broadcasting on 28 February 2002. The services were initially licensed for a year, but have recently been extended as far as 31st December 2004. Many hope to extend the license further.

Radio & Writing

One of WriteWords members  olebut works for Forest of Dean radio and drew our attention to the opportunity they offered to writers:

"Community Radio offers a real opprotunity for writers to have their work broadcast on Radio and for them to become more directly involved.

We (forest of dean radio) believe we serve the community and offer a real alternative to BBC and commercial stations offering a wide selection of topics and opportunities for everybody within the community, to contribute in whatever way they may see fit.

I must restress that each has its own agenda and that is partly why they were accepted into the pilot scheme."

Below we offer the complete list of current community radio stations in the UK. Many thanks to Olebut for his help in compiling this.
e-mail: javed@radioawaz.com
Website: http://www.radioawaz.com
Contact: Javed Sattar

This project will serve the Asian population in central Glasgow, broadcasting in Urdu, Punjabi and English.

GTFM, Pontypridd
e-mail: andrew@gtfm.fsnet.co.uk
Contact: Andrew Jones
Contact: Mary Traynor

A joint proposal for a community radio service for the residents of Pontypridd. Daytime output will come from GTFM, local schools and colleges, and evening programmes from University students.

e-mail: info@northernvisions.org

A mainly speech-based community access service within Belfast. Training and other support will be offered to participants;

SHINE FM, Banbridge, Co. Down

A Christian-based community service and training project run by an inter-denominational Christian charity;

e-mail: mary@bcb.yorks.com
Website: http://www.bcb.yorks.com/
Contact: Mary Dowson
Contact: Jonathan Pinfield

This project aims to give a voice to disadvantaged communities, help promote social inclusion and cultural understanding, as well as giving broadcasting opportunities for local people;

Wythenshawe FM
, e-mail: info@radioregen.org
Website: http://www.radioregen.org
Contact: Jason Kenyon
Contact: Phil Korbel

All FM
e-mail: info@radioregen.org
Website: http://www.radioregen.org
Contact: Dave Lenaghan
Contact: Phil Korbel

Wythenshaw FM and ALL FM will operate as two separate stations focussed on the needs and abilities of their respective neighbourhoods. However, they will share resources, such as support staff, training and funds provided by development agency Radio Regen;

New Style Radio, Birmingham
e-mail: c_r_t@lineone.net
Website: http://www.newstyleradio.co.uk
Contact: Barbara Richards
Contact: Martin Blissett

This service will distinctively reflect the cultural needs, values and aspirations of the Afro-Caribbean and broader community. Training will be an important part of the project;

e-mail: solo@takeoverradio.com
Website: http://www.takeoverradio.co.uk/
Contact: Philip Solo
Contact: Graham coley

A children's radio station incorporating contributions from and by children aged 8 to 14;

Radio Faza, Nottingham
e-mail: ahmedtas@hotmail.com
Contact: Asian Women's Project (Tasneem Ahmed)
Contact: The Karimia Institute (Dr Musharraf Hussain)

A joint proposal aimed at the Asian population within Nottingham. The service will aim to complement community development initiatives and encourage social inclusion, and broadcast in Asian languages as well as English;

Cross Rhythms City Radio, Stoke on Trent
e-mail: steve.perry@crossrhythms.co.uk
Website: http://www.crossrhythms.co.uk/
Contact: Steve Perry
Contact: Jon Bellamy

A Christian radio station for Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme, to reflect the interests and needs of the local Christian community;

Forest Of Dean Community Radio
e-mail: contactus@fodradio.org
Website: http://www.fodradio.org/
Contact: Amanda Smith

A proposal to serve the distinctive rural district of Forest of Dean, linking activity, training and production in various different locations. An open access policy will operate at all levels;

ANGEL RADIO, Havant, Hampshire
Angel Radio

e-mail: angelradio@37.com
Contact: Tony Smith

Angel Community Radio will provide entertainment, stimulation and information of specific relevance to persons aged 60 and above. Involvement in programme making by the target audience is encouraged and training workshops will be held regularly;

e-mail: lol@svt.org.uk
Website: http://www.svt.org.uk/
Contact: Lol Gellor

SVT is situated in the middle of the Nightingale Estate in Clapton, Hackney, an area undergoing a massive regeneration. The group proposes to channel the talent in the area into contributing to an effective and beneficial multicultural community radio service;

Resonance FM, SE London
e-mail: resonancefm@easynet.co.uk
Website: http://www.resonancefm.com
Contact: Ed Baxter
Contact: Knut Aufermann

This proposal is for an art radio station, the content and style of which will be radical and wide-ranging and include the realisation of new artwork. The emphasis throughout will be on the artistic content of the broadcast;

Desi Radio, Southall, London
e-mail: info@desiradio.org.uk
Website: http://www.desiradio.org.uk
Contact: Ms Amarjit Khera

A radio service for the Panjabi community, embracing the Panjabi culture, language and the celebration of religious festivals. Radio training is also proposed.