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Featured Article: The WriteWords Guide to Self-publishing

WriteWords expert Richard Brown shares his experiences in the world of self-publishing.

Writers Tools

 Word Frequency Counter
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General Articles

 Contracts - Frequently Asked Questions (3 May 2008)
 Do I need an agent before I start sending my work out to a publisher?
 Do I need to worry about copyright when sending my work out?
 I want to start sending my writing out- but Iím not sure where to begin, there are so many companies. Where do I start?
 Having trouble finding inspiration? : Handy hints about ways to get your creative juices flowing.
 Some rules are made to be broken. And some are not.
 Rough guide to copyright and quotations. (20 Nov 2002)
 Rough guide to libel. (21 Nov 2002)
 Emerging Writer? Amenable UK Publishers and Agents. (09 Feb 2003)
 The other things that writers do for a living.. (27 Aug 2004)

Poetry Articles

 The poetry of Edwin Morgan by James Graham (Oct 2010)
 The poetry of John Clare (1793-1864) by James Graham (May 2010)
 Two Women - Reflections on human rights and the poetry of Choman Hardi by James Graham (20 Aug 2007)
 Anent the Scots Leid an its Makars - On the Scots Language and its Poets by James Graham (25 Apr 2007)
 Some reflections on Anitwar poetry by James Graham (28 Jun 2006)
 Reflections on middlebrowism and the genius of William Blake by James Graham (16 Aug 2005)
 The Password Primeval: some Thoughts on How Poetry Works by James Graham (27 Feb 2004)
 Christmas Poem & Story by James Graham (Feb 2003)

Film TV & Radio Articles

 Community Radio (30 March 2004)
 Where to send your work: BBC (9 Nov 2002)
 The bit you really want to know- how much will they pay me? (9 Nov 2002)
 How to Make a Short Film by Indra Bhose (13 Jan 2003)
 Writing a feature film (4 Feb 2003)

Theatre Articles

 So you want to put your own play on. How? (19 Nov 2002)
 Case History: How I sold my stage play. (19 Jan 2003)

Fiction Articles

 Writing For Children (14 Jan 2003)

Non-Fiction Articles

 What you can expect to earn from features and other articles in newspapers & magazines (14 Jan 2003)