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Black Poetry Archive

Black Poetry - 20 Most Recent
 a portrait in black  simonSRW(135)
 Killing Myself to Live  simonSRW(135)
 foundTain  asphyxia(8)
 BANG  cake(8)
 this girl  michbm(8)
 senryu (food for thought)  oskar(864)
 ME  Darkpoet22(16)
 wheres your head at  Keight(76)
 Funeral for a friend  Katy Kat(1395)
 Goddess Aurora  gigergal(20)
 Bust  psyc0darkdrag0n(8)
 Invisible Me  Polly 26(12)
 Pretty Pink Murderer  laurafraser(1935)
 Suicide  Dipston(9)
 Images of blackness  Fari(8)
 The core, the cage  snoozy(119)
 World going down  Scott(760)
 Fractured  Rai15(1316)
 The last light  Sam Rix(623)
 my, still beating, souvenir  elliegator(36)
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a portrait in black (10/12/2009)
Killing Myself to Live (01/07/2009)
foundTain (25/06/2009)
BANG (14/05/2009)
this girl (20/07/2008)
senryu (food for thought) (08/05/2008)
ME (19/08/2006)
wheres your head at (01/06/2006)
Funeral for a friend (20/03/2006)
Goddess Aurora (05/09/2005)
Bust (30/03/2005)
Invisible Me (12/12/2004)
Pretty Pink Murderer (02/11/2004)
Suicide (16/09/2004)
Images of blackness (08/07/2004)
The core, the cage (14/06/2004)
World going down (28/03/2004)
Fractured (06/02/2004)
The last light (06/11/2003)
my, still beating, souvenir (21/10/2003)
Black, Black, Black (05/10/2003)
Another Day at the Movies (05/10/2003)
My Poetry of Suicide (03/10/2003)
A Cry from Beyond (23/07/2003)
Why do we fear old age (17/07/2003)
How Would You Like To Be Murdered? (20/06/2003)
Solemn Insanity (08/03/2003)
Light of Life (08/03/2003)