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Performance Poetry Archive

Performance Poetry - 20 Most Recent
 Twas The Night Before Christmas - p..  lang-lad(2408)
 Vaccinated  butterfly2000(1016)
 Pandemonium  Tony Cottrell(24)
 The Super Biscuit  kate tym(12)
 Out with the old  Iagoybardd(355)
 the great potato voyage  oskar(864)
 Porn  o11ie(156)
 I can`t die because...  BorderBound(520)
 Living In Dreams (a song lyric)  Mickey(3249)
 days end  Samerbata(8)
 Morning  romancegirl1(8)
 Died and gone to heaven  Zipporah`s Daughter(8)
 URBAN ASSASSIN  literati(206)
 You Know Her  poemsgalore(3779)
 The Trolley Game  MasterRevelation(218)
 Erotomaniac  markosterloh(196)
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Twas The Night Before Christmas - parody (20/12/2012)
Vaccinated (23/02/2011)
Pandemonium (26/08/2009)
The Super Biscuit (23/03/2009)
Out with the old (22/11/2008)
the great potato voyage (29/04/2008)
Porn (02/08/2006)
I can`t die because... (15/03/2005)
Living In Dreams (a song lyric) (09/02/2005)
days end (04/02/2005)
Morning (22/12/2004)
Died and gone to heaven (25/09/2004)
URBAN ASSASSIN (01/06/2004)
You Know Her (08/03/2004)
The Trolley Game (27/01/2004)
Erotomaniac (06/11/2003)