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Humour Fiction - 20 Most Recent
 The mop spillover  Practicer(742)
 A Rebel`s Roundabout  Deewrites(882)
 The Seventh Exit  scriever(944)
 A Quiet Night  scriever(944)
 A Quiet Night  scriever(944)
 Under The Bed  scriever(944)
 The Space Kebabs of Death!  scriever(944)
 The Space Kebabs of Death!  scriever(944)
 Who`s There?  scriever(944)
 A Tale of New York  scriever(944)
 The Circus Comes To Town  scriever(944)
 PART 13: Memories of a Bar Steward  The Bar Stward(2267)
 A Porche Mistake  dharker(4067)
 Diary of a Random - 15th October  Nelly39(57)
 Just Follow the Instructions  Cornelia(19337)
 Aches and Pains  Cornelia(19337)
 Aches and Pains  Cornelia(19337)
 Russell Square Escorts are beautifu..  dannyedison(8)
 Ahead of the Game  Cornelia(19337)
 The Final Straw  Desormais(8278)
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The mop spillover (02/11/2019)
A Rebel`s Roundabout (26/10/2017)
The Seventh Exit (03/08/2017)
A Quiet Night (27/05/2017)
A Quiet Night (26/05/2017)
Under The Bed (12/04/2017)
The Space Kebabs of Death! (30/03/2017)
The Space Kebabs of Death! (30/03/2017)
Who`s There? (18/03/2017)
A Tale of New York (07/01/2017)
The Circus Comes To Town (30/12/2016)
PART 13: Memories of a Bar Steward (26/09/2013)
A Porche Mistake (09/09/2013)
Diary of a Random - 15th October (03/05/2013)
Just Follow the Instructions (25/09/2012)
Aches and Pains (13/09/2012)
Aches and Pains (04/09/2012)
Russell Square Escorts are beautiful and Affordable (08/08/2012)
Ahead of the Game (19/07/2012)
The Final Straw (02/01/2012)
2:30pm Lunch (10/08/2011)
Fate and The Fax Machine. (02/08/2011)
Sense and Stupidity (30/05/2011)
Troublesome Trolley (24/05/2011)
Gross Misconduct (22/05/2011)
Dragonslayer (20/05/2011)
Hey Pretty (31/03/2011)
Cross Purposes (31/03/2011)
At the Elventh Hour (29/03/2011)
Well-matched (21/01/2011)
A Book at Bedtime (03/09/2010)
Egon Chips Dies Aged 134 (14/06/2010)
PART 12: Memories of a bar steward (20/02/2010)
Synopsis of Memoirs of a bar steward DRAFT 5 (16/02/2010)
Synopsis of Memoirs of a bar steward: Draft 3 (04/02/2010)
Synopsis of Memoirs of a bar steward (30/01/2010)
Grandah`s Credit Crunch (24/12/2009)
Memoirs of a bar steward (18/11/2009)
PART 11: Memories of a bar steward (15/10/2009)
Miranda and Wendy P2 (29/07/2009)
A Funny Way Of Doing it... (23/07/2009)
PART 10: Memories of a bar steward (08/07/2009)
PART 9: Memories of a bar steward (26/06/2009)
PART 4: Memories of a bar steward (09/05/2009)
Memories of a bar steward: All PARTS uploaded so far... (06/04/2009)
Ch 3: In Nobody`s Eyes But Mine (01/12/2008)
Ch 2: In Nobody`s Eyes But Mine (27/11/2008)
Ch 1: In Nobody`s Eyes But Mine (25/11/2008)
In the Spirit of Maggie Figgs (29/09/2008)
The ruinage of the Argos Stationary utensil still photographer (18/09/2008)
OUR LAD RICKY (31/07/2008)
Equal Footing (29/07/2008)
Impressing Pru (01/05/2008)
UK Government : Hospital waiting lists exposed. (31/12/2007)
on the trail of the giant squid (16/09/2007)
The Raft (13/09/2007)
Tim Ferior (09/08/2007)
My ex-boss (19/07/2007)
Cut The Bull Chapter 2 (25/05/2007)
CSI Spoof (25/01/2007)
What the Aliens Learnt at the Bingo Hall (06/12/2006)
Barry The Badger (29/11/2006)
Harrys Plot (15/11/2006)
Dating in London, by Fenchurch Girl (27/09/2006)
Three String Blues (01/08/2006)
The Paddington Plan (17/07/2006)
The greatest love of all? (21/04/2006)
The Wake (11/04/2006)
Whoop Whoop (05/03/2006)
Vertically challenged Wolves (08/02/2006)
Disgusting Habits (07/02/2006)
Two In The Bush (12/11/2005)
Mind Damaged: Chapters 5-6 (01/09/2005)
Mind Damaged, Chapter 1-2 (30/08/2005)
Conversation that ends abruptly on a midsummerís afternoon.- (25/07/2005)
The Self-Surgery Web Page (14/07/2005)
Things can only get better (11/07/2005)
Chilton "Sufferin` Slim" Downis (1901 - 2001) (18/05/2005)
Baxter Gumshield (1953 - 1999) (09/05/2005)
Taking a dip or trying to and failing to cajole a shag out of girls on MSN (29/04/2005)
David Bloody Armstrong!!! (27/04/2005)
Funkel Nostrum (1858-1921) (26/04/2005)
Angela Bromley Has Massive Tits (19/04/2005)
The obituary of Betrand Zelwig (09/04/2005)
Tony Blair: The Wilderness Years - A Novel (15/02/2005)
Company of Fools (08/02/2005)
Who`s Afraid of the Wolf? (13/11/2004)
The Dream Workshop (28/07/2004)
Audiville Times small ads V (06/07/2004)
My Next of Kin (04/07/2004)
Audiville Times small ads II (23/06/2004)
Audiville Times small ads (21/06/2004)
Audiville Times property pages (18/06/2004)
Council in unspeakable twinning horror (16/06/2004)
Education shocker for elderly (12/06/2004)
Chez Audiman: menu (10/06/2004)
CindeRossel (06/06/2004)
Naughty legislation pushed through? (06/06/2004)
Government denies dumbing-down exams (02/06/2004)
Resolution (01/06/2004)
The little charmer who may never own a TT (28/05/2004)
Little-known medical conditions (26/05/2004)
Fire Service Open Day (24/05/2004)
Taxing new laws for taxi drivers (20/05/2004)
A Day In The Life (13/04/2004)
Noise in the Sky (29/03/2004)
G 7 (23/01/2004)
Desktop Confessional (22/01/2004)
Under the Red Dragon (19/01/2004)
travelling by muck tub (11/11/2003)
Mother Love (01/10/2003)
She Fell Asleep On The Beano (08/09/2003)
Don`t Jump - I`ll miss celebrity squares (15/08/2003)
Now That You`re A Lottery Winner (15/08/2003)
Hello Ambulance... I`ve knocked down scooby doo (14/08/2003)
Its a Text Thing (02/08/2003)
Bryan (31/07/2003)
DD saves the day (19/07/2003)
Santa Files (23/05/2003)
The Chickens, The Garden and me. (07/05/2003)
The Porpoise Prologue (23/04/2003)
Foreboding (06/03/2003)