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by Zettel 

Posted: 03 April 2005
Word Count: 52
Summary: With respect

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If he be man
if you wish,
mourn him
in your heart
on his passing.

If He be God
if you will,
worship him
with your spirit
in your life.

God or man or woman
if you can,
remember the difference
for only in this
is love in truth

Zettel 2005

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Comments by other Members

lieslj at 16:36 on 03 April 2005  Report this post
Profound yet subtle spiritual writing, Zettel, that engages the essential unknowing and the big question, without prescribing.

Brave and vulnerable writing.

It connects for me at a very meaningful level.


Zettel at 00:15 on 04 April 2005  Report this post

Thanks so much for such a re-inforcing rsponse. Much appreciated



Ticonderoga at 13:42 on 04 April 2005  Report this post
Am I wrong in assuming that this was triggered by the passing of Il Papa? Anyhoo, if simply a tribute to him, then delicately and sensitively, if somewhat hagiographically, done. (I have huge problems with his reactionary attitudes and pronouncements on fundamental human issues) If, however, it's intended as something more generally applicable, then I have a problem with the notion of spirituality being so definitively tied to the G-word which, whether intentionally or otherwise, seems to make the piece for subscribers to organised religion. Sorry, I like the poem very much, but perhaps my anger at the pious front pages of yesterday's papers has coloured my reading of your piece.



Zettel at 01:02 on 05 April 2005  Report this post

Glad you liked the poem.

The Pope's death was the occasion for the poem, not it's subject. The same central thought pre-occupies me in this, other poems, and my fictional 'Dialogues with God': the profound difference between "God came to me in a dream" and "I dreamt God came to me".

I'm with Charles Schultz who found he could not believe in a God who wanted to be worshipped. The most disturbing thing about the Pope's death to me is that it is just one of a number of events (Diana's death e.g.)where frighteningly large numbers of people display an apparent deep, irrational need to deify mere human beings so that they can feel comfortable about shuffling off the terrifying burden of free will and the need to choose for themselves how to act.

Big themes. A tiny little poem. I am willing neither to tie spirituality to the G-word nor deny the authenticity of the spirituality of those who find their sense of it through the G-word. You don't have to be Christian to believe "by their deeds shall ye know them". From what I know of his history, in his time as a priest in Poland, Karol Wojtyla, was a man of courage to respect. That respect for me, is diminishednot increased by the disturbing deification process that appears to be going on.

Like you, I am deeply opposed to much of what,as Pope, this man did and stood for. To express that feeling the most important word in the poem is 'woman'.

Thanks for the comments.



SmithBrowne at 11:09 on 05 April 2005  Report this post
Zettel -- I agree with Liesl that this is a profound piece, simply crafted (the best kind!). And your exposition of the thoughts behind it are thought-provoking as well -- but the poem stands on its own. Sincerity and clarity. -- very nice.



joanie at 22:27 on 05 April 2005  Report this post
Zettel - simple and beautifully formed.


Zettel at 23:04 on 05 April 2005  Report this post

Welcome to Writewords - thanks for the comments - glad you liked it. Some sentiments must be kept simple so it's good to know it worked.


Thanks - would that I were too!!!



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