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Homage to Dr Suess

by JJ 

Posted: 21 March 2005
Word Count: 152

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The Skipper from Snooz,
and the Nipper from Vars
were stealing a moment
to stare at the stars.

They sat and they talked
and while pondering the night
they twaddled and dabbled
and indulged in all shite.

And they sat and they smirked
which is never polite
about life and all things
‘til it nearly got bright.

But the Nipper from Vars
had another agenda,
he had drunk Snooklepips
and was now on a bender.

He sat and he bellowed
foul fables all night
until the Skipper sat up
and accused him of tripe.

“It’s nothing to fletch
with the Bimbos from Vars
you’re fooling yourself
if you think you’re a card”

But in history’s scribes
fate remembers your place
it will scratch out all good
you attempt ever to make.

Like the Nipper from Vars
with his twisted sick fables...
better a bad life to lead
than a life laying tables...

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Comments by other Members

paul53 [for I am he] at 21:33 on 21 March 2005  Report this post
JJ, this is verse - good and clever verse, but still verse rather than poetry. I am hoping you have poetry as well, but are holding it back as you test the water. Join a group and bring your poetry to this site.

joanie at 22:17 on 21 March 2005  Report this post
JJ, I really laughed at this. Brilliant.



.....and welcome to WW.

lieslj at 08:31 on 25 March 2005  Report this post
Welcome to the forum, JJ.

This is interesting and fun.


Neezes at 10:45 on 29 September 2010  Report this post
Fun stuff. A little editing (have you tried reading out loud?) to make sure the lines all scan neatly would make it even better. Jonathan

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