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Stay A Little Bit Longer

by Zettel 

Posted: 12 March 2005
Word Count: 124
Summary: They say you should try everything once. Well my one crack at perhaps the toughest genre of all.

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Stay A Little Bit Longer

Somewhere there's a part
of my secret heart
that wants so much to say
if only you will stay
just a little bit longer
then we will never part

Been a rocky road
I'm a heavy load
when I get down and blue
take it out on you
stay a little bit longer
I'll repay what you're due

It ain't just the booze
gives me black day blues
it's hard to let you see
the deepest part of me
stay a little bit longer
baby stay, set me free

Just scared, being two
only me and you
never felt this before
risking love more and more
stay a little bit longer
stay with me, see it through.

Zettel 2005

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Comments by other Members

Jumbo at 06:49 on 13 March 2005  Report this post

Nice words.

I liked I'll repay what you're due .

I sloe liked the construction of the verse with the title (the hook, perhaps) in the penultimate line.

I heard this is a slowish ballad. How did you hear it?

All the best


joanie at 09:56 on 13 March 2005  Report this post
Hi, Zettel. Just lazing, thinking I ought to get up and do something, and singing these lyrics! In the repeated line, I have to sing, Stay a little bit longer; I don't know why - it just sounded better, then I couldn't get my newly-composed tune out of my head to try something different! However, reading it is good.

I don't think I commented on lyrics before - it's actually very different from poetry, I think.

I enjoyed it.


Zettel at 11:05 on 13 March 2005  Report this post
Jumbo - Thanks. definitely slow ballad.

Joanie - You're quite right - duly changed. Thanks. Better.



joanie at 17:27 on 13 March 2005  Report this post
Hi Zettel. I'm no expert - that was just an impression! I'm glad you thought it was better though.

Do you really mean that it's a one and only attempt??!

Perhaps I ought to try this!


Zettel at 23:36 on 13 March 2005  Report this post

I suspect that considered on their own,the lyrics of even some of the great love songs, would look banal. They are saved by the fusion of word and music. The simple popular love song is so exposed to cliche and banality that I would not trust frequent attempts of mine without music. I have written new lyrics to existing songs but they tended to be more political in tone(see past posts - Soldier Blue and American Pie). It is a very interesting and surprisingly hard exercise by the way because of the different rhythms and things like stretching vowels etc.

Thanks for the comments again. Your suggestion was just right - I could hear it in my head and it needed a little 'bit' more so to speak.



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