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by Boo 

Posted: 03 July 2003
Word Count: 77
Summary: 2nd piece of work.100 words in a bed you sleep in now.

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Solitary comfort illuminates from the hub of the home.Beckoning small figures in the void of night.Stark,sleek beech and steel cannot hide the softness within.Soothing fevers,conquering nightmares,banishing monsters.A forgiving dressing that cures all ills.
Shafts of light skate across the room as rhytmic slumber marks the passage of time.
Warm, balmy skin welcomes my touch.Moulded figures entwined approve of my existance.
The meditative haze of tranquillity fills the air.
I breathe it in.
It smells like sleep.

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Comments by other Members

Jabulani at 10:00 on 04 July 2003  Report this post
This is wonderful, full of warmth and love.

Anna Reynolds at 22:02 on 05 July 2003  Report this post
Boo- the last three lines of this are lovely, they say an awful lot in a very economical way. (Economy of writing is a bit of a passion of mine- less is always more.) And the feeling of 'stark, sleek beech' is beautiful, managing to be both hard and soft.

I think you manage to convey a world of history in the details of 'soothing fevers, conquering nightmares, banishing monsters'- which could be many different parts of the bed's history. Is the bed the hub, or is life lived in this one room? I like the fact that I'm asking questions about it and content not to have definitive answers. I think there are probably many stories about this bed that could be told, or rather the place the bed has in the humanity around and in it, as Laura says, with great warmth.

LONGJON at 06:50 on 06 July 2003  Report this post
Well done. It's not until you sit down and try to write about such a commonplace (so I take my gear off, have a shower, climb into bed, go to sleep, wake up times nineteen thousand three hundred and sixty two!) that you realise that it is not necessarily such a commonplace. That it is different for everyone. You have captured the bouncing ball of a nighttime mind very well.

John P.

Boo at 13:33 on 07 July 2003  Report this post
Thanks Everyone for your comments.I've just caught up on them all.
I really wanted this piece(although it can stand alone)to be a contrast to the first(The Stinging Truth)
I am glad the warmth was conveyed.I do like the idea of Annas of the bed or room conveying different stories.I can see why you are a successful playwrite.You certainly can see ideas in everything.
Thanks for all the food for thought.
Oh and yes took your advice from the interview Anna and I am trying to write each day!!

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