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The Singer

by Zettel 

Posted: 01 March 2005
Word Count: 94
Summary: It has been suggested this came out like a song. Hence posting it here. Folk singer Nanci Griffith sings in one of her songs about a first love killed in a motorcycle accident on his way to take her to a high school prom. 100 songs and 30 years later, endlessly touring, she still sings that song. The rest is speculation.

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The Singer

Threads of experience
spin a strand of life
weaving dreams of sense
harmony from strife

Summer's passion fair
gentles Autumn's ease
past is ever there
sorrowing the leaves

Solitary light
shows a giving heart
walk with me tonight
share my world apart

Music my delight
playing my release
in my darkest night
I can still find peace

Wherever I may go
here's where I belong
do not whisper low
sing out loud and strong

Now a quiet space
all I have is gone
I recall his face
ever youthful John

Zettel 2005

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Comments by other Members

Jumbo at 10:52 on 01 March 2005  Report this post

Whoever said it - I thnk they are right. This does read like a song. Soft, romantic and folky - I think. At least that's what the rhythm of the verses suggests to me.

Beatiful lyrics. Lovely sentiment.

Nice one.


Skippoo at 11:45 on 01 March 2005  Report this post

I really liked this - the lyrics are simple, but very erm.. lyrical! Melancholy, but also uplifting. I don't know Nancy Griffith but I did get a strong image of 'the singer' in my head, a strong, positive, passionate woman (although I may not have done if you hadn't mentioned the story behind the song).

I have just one criticism - the last line. I don't know why but I didn't want to know his name was John! Somehow it spoiled the mood for me. Maybe being so specific took away the universality or something? Or maybe the name 'John' sounds just doesn't sound romantic enough? I'd be interested to see what others think.


Zettel at 01:16 on 02 March 2005  Report this post
Jumbo and Catherine

Thanks for the comments.

Catherine - I see what you mean and I'll have a little look at that last stanza. However, it does refer specifically to a rather lovely song, really about a lifelong friendship with a friend called Mary Margaret. They both knew John it seems from the time they were 14 - he was, as the song puts it "our older man". You are right about the lady - currently campaigning heavily for a landmine-free world and refreshingly anti-Bush.

Check her out, beautiful voice and some great songs. May be in the Country section. Best known for a world-wide hit with Julie Gold's From a Distance

The song is called There's a Light Beyond these Woods



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