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by youngskywalker 

Posted: 13 February 2005
Word Count: 92
Summary: WARNING - parental advisory - may contain strong language!!!

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Content Warning
This piece and/or subsequent comments may contain strong language.

you say what you mean
never any in between
words from deep within.

they sent you away
you will fight another day
the bastards will pay

your pen will draw blood
and flow in a crimson flood
where once they all stood

with heads bowed in shame
no excuses to explain
the end of the game

her plain honesty
and her heartfelt loyalty
now a travesty

sometimes harsh but true
talent lost on some of you
so fuck you all too


as for type of comments?????

Whateva ! ! ! !

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Comments by other Members

Account Closed at 07:45 on 14 February 2005  Report this post
A very powerful piece - glad I found it. I think it might be even more powerful if the last stanza was removed and the "bastards" replaced with something more subtle - but I know I'm only focusing on the poetry here. Whatever is decided it's a very passionate piece.

Hope all well with you both

Huge hugs


tinyclanger at 12:30 on 14 February 2005  Report this post
Obviously powerfully felt, but I think you damage your own cause by the insults. If you feel you have a grievance I think you should air it openly. This is enimgatic in that I don't know what you are talking about and so I find the ending makes me bristle, when if I knew the story I may be inclined to give support.
I'm all for poetry coming from the heart tho, so can't fault you for that.

youngskywalker at 17:36 on 14 February 2005  Report this post
someone whose work we've all read, got booted off here cos she spoke from her heart.

i thought that was what poetry was supposed to be about.

the last line is not directed at all of you kind and supportive people, but i was angry when i wrote it last night.

thank you for taking the time to read it.


tinyclanger at 17:55 on 14 February 2005  Report this post
Hmm, seems a bit extreme. I hope I won't offend when I say I felt Tuppence was certainly a bit...eccentric, but that in itself seems no reason for censuring her. I know others have been warned in the past for transgressing some WW rule and have been 'suspended' for a while - has she gone for good?
Without knowing all the ins and outs its hard to say more, but I hope if she has gone she finds another space to write.

poemsgalore at 18:26 on 14 February 2005  Report this post
How sad, I didn't know, she was amazing and I enjoyed her work.

joanie at 21:07 on 14 February 2005  Report this post
Hi ys, I was really sad to read your poem initially because it seemed very harsh. I echo Tc's first comments entirely. I don't think for one minute that Tuppence got 'booted off'. I mailed her privately and I wouldn't want her to think that anybody didn't want her on WW.

Like tc, I don't know the ins and outs but on a site like this, mutual support, encouragement, constructive criticism is all important. It works both ways.


jewelsx at 12:10 on 20 February 2005  Report this post
whatever anyone else says this piece is definelty passionate and i am sure tuppence would have loved it.


thanks for the emails

youngskywalker at 01:51 on 21 February 2005  Report this post
it seems the crime
was to write in rhyme

not in a poem, but a forum posting
"you can't do that, thats advertising"

that's what they said
but she lost her head

"you must be having a ******* joke"
she plainly and bluntly spoke,

did she do wrong? i think not,
someone on here may have lost the plot

but she won't stop writing
the words in her are fighting

to work there way out
and loudly shout

this is me


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