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Liberator to the conquered

by Creap 

Posted: 30 June 2003
Word Count: 183

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Our hero stands tall and proud
Protector of a lawless city
On his chest burns the emblem,
A deterrent to violence? Invisible to most
Villains stride to dare his might
His weakness shines through, his strength erroneous
Personal conflicts interfering

Civilians of the state cry for help
Where is our hero? Alter ego incompatible with actions
Slow to act, swift to change opinion
Villains mock his resolve, always faltering
What is a citizen when turned to an expatriate?
Oppressive tyrannical overlords conquer
Our hero waits, is he human, shunning the truth
Emotions and opinions cost them dear

Our city is burned and cracked to the core
Broken pieces of childhood fantasies
Innocence undressed and drawn away
Evil fills out its hollowed streets
Feeding off thoughts and emotions
Growing uncontrollably, action imminent?
Watching chaos unfold its chronicle

Blind and deaf when he chooses, our hero stares deliberately
Timely, waiting for the oppressors to make their mark
Is this our hero? When his protected are mere lambs for the slaughter
Stabbed, Shot, culled and maimed
Enter the hero tall and proud
Liberator to the conquered

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Comments by other Members

Richard Brown at 08:53 on 01 October 2003  Report this post
I have read this several times and I'm struggling to find a context for it. (Maybe I shouldn't!)Afghanistan? Iraq? Tony Blair? I get a strong sense of betrayal, maybe cynicism? Whatever the context, it's chilling. I wonder who the 'liberator to the conquered' is? Interesting!

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