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Sienna`s Serenade

by Dorothy P 

Posted: 08 February 2005
Word Count: 209

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I watch him walk,
a little flat of foot but oh so sharp of mind,
he wanders the corridor of my fantasy.
I could feast forever on the magic glimpsed behind
those icy eyes, but with promised imps dancing
he flashes that smile, every nerve-end entrancing.

His mouth on mine, an instant trigger
of desire, wanting him inside, pulsing ever bigger,
his smell, his taste, I will them on to linger,
pleasure erupts at the touch of his finger.

With him over me his face I try to read,
yet perhaps the truth I dread.
In the sensuous fug there is only that sweet burning
of slow release from which there is no turning,
I have no will left of my own
I am more his with each involuntary moan.

He makes me laugh his stories telling,
jewel-encrusted ideas spill forth and glisten,
every fibre gem-shot and compelling.
He bedazzles, fizzes, rockets in my space,
I walk in winged sandals along the diamond-strewn
paths around his grace.

Thoughts of him bedevil me, they will not stop.
The beauty of his face and spirit line me like a skin.
I have drunk intoxicatingly from his cup
where perfection bathes his touch, his grin.
My joy is forever now, in him.

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Comments by other Members

The Walrus at 20:33 on 15 February 2005  Report this post
A powerful and honest portrayal of losing oneself, of desire and fasincation to the point of obsession.

It works.

The Walrus

laurafraser at 08:49 on 16 February 2005  Report this post
a wonderful piece, with the touch of the macabre about it
"I walked in winged sandals along the diamond-strewn....grace"-what a stunning line-as they are many others in this poem
for me thi poem really finds its voice in the second half, almost as if the narator is afraid of admiting her feelings at the beginning
another aspect i like is the fact that whilst this woman is clearly intoxicated by this man, because of her insight and intelligence she ironically never looses her strength despite claiming that her "joy is forever now, in him."

Dorothy P at 16:13 on 19 February 2005  Report this post
Thank you Laura. I was worried the piece might be too 'schmaltzy' but perhaps not.....it is all about seeing only what we want to see in a person and denying the reality. But perhaps this is what we mean by love?

Jojovits1 at 19:14 on 07 May 2015  Report this post
Hi Dorothy

I love the language you use in this.  The imagery is wonderful - "jewel-encrusted ideas spill forth and glisten".  Just beautiful.  Purely personally, I find the second verse not quite as strong as the others but I think that is down to me being an old romantic and prefering the feeling of dark fantasy, whereas this verse deals with the physical.

All in all, well written, dark and fabulous!


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