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Cloud nine

by Stacey 

Posted: 23 June 2003
Word Count: 64

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Iím on cloud nine
gone fuzzy inside
canít see past here
nothing is clear

lets live this night
like thereís no other
just you and I
love is our cover

no one can touch us
weíre inside a bubble
she doesnít know your here
you wont be in trouble

awaken your senses
and open your heart
for tomorrow,
once again
we will be apart.

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Comments by other Members

poemsgalore at 18:48 on 23 June 2003  Report this post
Is the "She" who doesn't know he's here, the mother, wife or girlfriend? Depends on whether the person speaking is male or female I suppose, I liked this, but it can be interpreted in so many different ways. Would love to hear the true meaning of the poem Stacey.

Stacey at 19:02 on 23 June 2003  Report this post
Hi Kathleen,

Thank you for your comments. My intention was that it is a female talking to her male lover, and the 'she' referred to is the male lover's girlfriend. Hope that helps, thanks for taking the time to read my work.
Take care,

poemsgalore at 19:06 on 23 June 2003  Report this post
I thought so, but after reading it a couple of times, realised there could be more than one meaning - which is good, as it keeps the reader guessing.

olebut at 19:13 on 23 June 2003  Report this post
Isnt it perhaps ironic that the song of the same name was sung by The Tempations?

Stacey once again you have this nack of producing a poem which so succinctly describes a highly charged emotional experience.


take care


Ticonderoga at 20:21 on 13 October 2003  Report this post

You really do have an amazing gift for concise, compact, intense honesty of expression. This is real poetry, capturing the essence of things, ulike my flatulent verbosity. You have a rare and special gift. Treasure it, and be proud.



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