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The request and the response.

by sowelu 

Posted: 15 December 2004
Word Count: 277

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The request,
You tired weary wreck of a thing, how come it's turned out this way?
I have no excuses for who I am, or the way things are with us today.
I suppose I should apologise, would that make you feel any better?
Maybe I could send you some flowers, or an apologetic letter?
There's nothing I can say or do to redo what I have done.
I just want a chance to get back to the way we were when we begun.
The unsettled, sleepless nights of regret, have took there toll.
And i'm not who I used to be, I seem to have lost all control.
All the nights I've dreamt about returning to where we used to be.
I didn't mean to hurt us, why wont you come back to me?

The response,
The way we used to be, is of no consequence to me at all.
The shivering, shaken silence, is all I seem to be able to recall.
Spoken words seem to have disappeared without a trace.
Lamenting on the reasons why you left me, in the first place.
What was once a possibility, has left us with broken hearts and broken dreams.
And now you're here with your heart in your hand, and you want me back it seems?
But you'll never understand the hurt you caused, and the mess you left behind.
Why on earth would I take you back? I'd have to be out of my mind.
The flowers were rather lovely, but what can I say about the apologetic letter?
For it has no consequence to me today, and no, it didn't make me feel any better!

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Comments by other Members

roovacrag at 15:45 on 16 December 2004  Report this post
Sowelu, Glad to see you posted again.

Great poem and full of body and soul.
Well written so goes to the soul.

Well done.

xx Alice

The Walrus at 14:26 on 17 December 2004  Report this post
An honest piece that flows really well.

The Walrus

Don Gorgon at 12:19 on 01 January 2005  Report this post
Nice piece Sowelu, the two contrasting perspectives work well together, if you know what I mean? I enjoyed reading this, nice idea and nice poem to boot!

Peace and Love


Mamross at 05:20 on 12 April 2019  Report this post
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