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Gone At Last

by Polly 26 

Posted: 14 December 2004
Word Count: 174
Summary: See below.

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Your voice whispers in the shadowed darkness
Tears of acid fall down my face,
Melting me away slowly heading towards my chest
Destroying my heart as the tears pick up a pace.

My chest has opened
I see nothing but love that has been crushed,
This pain worsens as my throat chokes
Bleeding,and crying tears with lust.

The love melts down the beaten wounds
The cuts begin to open wider,
As the music plays a tune
The wound is bit by a spider.

Fear starts to run across the mind
As I crumble down inside,
Thoughts tremble and rewind
I begin to slowly die.

Sitting by the window crying
Watching my mind get erased,
Inside I'm dying
My soul is being chased.

The burning of the flame gets bigger
My legs are being burned into fires of hell,
Flames shoot up like roaring tigers
For all my mistakes i dwell.

The last flame comes down to my feet
The fire tingles between every toe,
My heart stopped its beat
Now I'm bound to go.

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Comments by other Members

The Walrus at 18:03 on 15 December 2004  Report this post
Strong stuff Polly. A dark, destructive piece.

The Walrus

poemsgalore at 18:21 on 15 December 2004  Report this post
I agree, full of pain.

As I crumble down inside,
Thoughts tremble and rewind

The constant memories and going over and over in your mind what went wrong, making you suffer all over again.

Polly 26 at 20:26 on 15 December 2004  Report this post

Well, it's like one of those things...that tears you down inside so much that everyday... it's like you relive it each day because everything gets blocked out, and the thoughts just repeat over and over in your mind, like a movie.

x0x0--> pOlLy

paul53 [for I am he] at 07:37 on 22 March 2005  Report this post
A poem full of potential and talent. Hoping to see you as a full member and in a group.

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