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I Have Chosen a couple of songs to upload

by lyricalman 

Posted: 12 December 2004
Word Count: 737
Summary: Please let me know what you think of these particular songs & poems any feed back would be a great help, as I would like to know if I'm going wrong anywhere.

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This man with concrete feet
Lives five doors up from me in my street
He walks so loud, I can't stand it
I think his shoes are made from granite.

You can hear him coming from miles away
I swear that man can walk all day

He's a Thunderous Walker
Thunderous Walker

He moves with such a thunderous sound
Sending earth quake tremors through the ground
The sound he makes could turn you deaf
The size on his feet, could kick a whale to death

He's a Thunderous Walker
Thunderous Walker

He's walks so load I can't stand it
I swear his feet are made of granite
You should check his shoes man
They're out of sight
He put's lights on them to go out at night

He's a Thunderous Walker
Thunderous Walker

He gets a delivery twice a week
He gets a van full of polish just for his feet

A council lorry came one day
To crush his shoes and take them away
But he's bought a new pair with a 12 inch tread
I can't take no more of this, it hurts my head

He's a Thunderous Walker
Thunderous Walker.



Mr Incognito works undercover
His identity kept a secret
Camouflaged in disguise
His mission is covert.

He can walk around unrecognised
An anonymous man unidentified
What's his mission you'll never know
There's no finding Mr Incognito.

A man acting for his country
A man of hidden identity
He will only stop when his mission is over
Mr Incognito a man undercover.

His stealth like walk, you can not hear him
He's a master of disguise, you'll never find him
A man of mistery anonymously known
He never fails a mission
His cover never blown

Mr Incognito - Incognito

A rather distinguished man
Sent to extinguish man - but all in a professional way
To decimate
To eliminate
Simply delete you away

Who's his mission, you'll never know
You'll never escape Mr Incognito.



Poisoned rivers flowing
As forrest fires burn
It's all caused by Man-Kind
When will we ever learn

Mother natures crying
The world can sense her pain
But her hurt is caused by Man-Kind
All for finacial gain.

Stand back and look around you
Are you happy with what you see
Poisoning the atmosphere, that we later breathe.

Mother natures crying
The world can sense her pain
It's all caused by Man-Kind
We should bow our heads in shame.

The things we've done for financial gain
For the things we've done
We should all feel ashamed.



Painted pictures depicting a vision of calm
A picture of youth in parenting arms.
An innocent face looks up at wisdom
And seeks comfort there
A loving smile, depicts a vision of care.

As parenting hands cradle their youth
A vision of understanding
A picture of truth.


Love in a painting
depicting appreciation and happiness
A beautiful vision of piece and for everness


Wise eyes look down upon their youth
And cradle them with love and words of truth
Such a beautiful vision
A memory to share
A vision of love, and parenting care.




Eight years old
Beaten like a man
Battered and bruised
Mentally abused - A tiny tortured soul
You try to shrug off the memories as you get old.

It's hard to come to terms with
When you think of the age
They placed the fire in you
That fuels your rage.

All you ever wanted was to be loved
Not dodging fists
That rain down from above.

Never one to answer back
You lock your feelings away
But who knows what tomorrow brings
Tomorrow's another day.

Scared stiff standing in urine
Your world becomes a daze
You see you friends live so happily
All you live in is pain.

You live a life of front
There's no one else to fear
Until you return back home again
For a night time full of tears.

Battered and broken, you're just a child of eight
You keep asking yourself
What you've done to deserve this fate.

At school kids don't bother you
They couldn't beat you like a man
You'd stand up to anyone
You'd have them all stood in a line

Because back at home
was the breeding ground
The breeding of someone wild.

(C) copyright T.2004

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Comments by other Members

Skippoo at 12:12 on 13 December 2004  Report this post

I've just had a quick glance as not much time to read properly at the moment, but I got drawn into the last one. Wow, pretty damn powerful stuff! I found the "scared stiff standing in urine" line very effective, it really emphasizes how young and scared the child is. I like the kind of twist at the end which hints at what kind of adult the child is going to become.

Man Kind is well written and structured and gets the message across effectively, but to be honest, I'm not keen on the message. I mean, the message is true - it's just a personal taste thing, I guess!


lyricalman at 22:23 on 29 December 2004  Report this post
Hi Skippoo,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
Thank you for your comments on my work.

The last one titled WILD, I personally think it's a bit too strong for most people as it does strike a nerve with some of the lyrics.
But then again, I do believe it's a subject that can benefit alot of people as they find it sometimes hard to express their painful feelings.

Thanx Skippoo

Kind regards


Kara at 16:42 on 08 March 2005  Report this post
I don't know what your intended market/ listeners is (are?) but I think most of them would be fantastic for teenagers. They are so open and straightforawrd and need talking about!

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