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silent words

by bluesky3d 

Posted: 22 June 2003
Word Count: 177
Summary: see comments below

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sometimes, bits come off
like emotional dandruff,
they get into the very stuff
of the things we make
…is this what silent words convey?

what might have been said in words
(if only we could find the words)
we say in bits of paper and card
in sticky blobs of glue
…is this what silent words convey?

these things we make, they take our dreams
upon a tray, a transport of delight
a vessel for our very beings
what percentage their added tax...
these bits of stuff that cost ten pence, max?

what we meant, unspoken thoughts transmitted
in a special way, what we feel inside
what seems right, affirmed to someone
who can read their ESP
…is this what silent words convey?

they infuse, gain strength
like Earl Grey,
souls that rest together don't lie,
the sum is greater than the parts
… is this what silent words convey?

when we dance or touch
or pray, or smile and look away
and eyes linger longer than they really should
… this is what silent words convey

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Comments by other Members

Anna Reynolds at 12:31 on 25 August 2003  Report this post
I like the ideas in this poem, of things coming adrift and getting into our messages to one another- and particularly the contrast of 'sticky blobs of glue' and emotional dandruff' with the softer, purer moments in the last verse.

bluesky3d at 16:42 on 25 August 2003  Report this post
Thank you Anna,

this one escaped through the net without a comment for over two months, so it is especially gratifying to discover it rang a bell with you.

The blobs of glue I had in mind were the real blobs of glue in hand made greeting cards and also metaphorical emotional blobs of glue in the cement that can hold relationships and friendships together.. its nice to know you understood that.

Emotional dandruff was how I saw the bits of us that are left behind in our wake without our willing it, like genetic dna fingerprints.. bits of our souls like Plato's broken shards of mirror.

And of course 'silent words' are the words we don't say to each other because they are too difficult to express, or because of the emotion that they carry, but they are there and are important even though they are elusive.

Thanks again for rediscovering this one.

Andrew :o)

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