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by optiplex 

Posted: 23 November 2004
Word Count: 158
Summary: This started off just by summarising work - but I guess it turned into a more "life in general" observation

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I feel listless,
life just passes me by...

Don't know where I have been.
Don't know where I am going.

What did I do today, only hour's away.
It already feels so far away

Just a vague memory, no real remedy.
It just goes on and on...

To whom did I speak?
Just the same old faces again and again.

Faces of anger, faces of frustration,
faces of people wrapped up in their own little lives.

No one cares, no one asks,
People - selfish and into themselves.

What did I achieve today, I ask myself...
Anything of value? Did I change someone's life?

It just runs on, and on - like a record stuck in a groove...
Wake up - work - go to sleep, wake up - work - go to sleep

Nothing new, nothing good...
Just more of the same.

I feel spent, exhausted.
Nothing more to give, nothing more to offer.

I feel finished.

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Comments by other Members

Don Gorgon at 23:57 on 23 November 2004  Report this post
optiplex, this saddens me when I read it. I sincerely hope you aren't feeling like this and if you are, you do have a choice about feeling like that, you don't have to, if you don't want to.

I like the way you've structured this and you've captured the monotomy of work brilliantly and when you ask yourself, 'What did I achieve today?', you got paid! That's the bottom line, because work is a necessary evil and must be done, especially if you want to pay for your interent connection and subscription fee to WriteWords. These tings don't come cheap! At the end of the day, if it's pissing you off that much, fire it off and do someting else, life is not a rehearsal. Nice work.



I almost forgot, by the look of this, I doubt very much you are 'finished' and still have plenty to offer!

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