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by roovacrag 

Posted: 16 November 2004
Word Count: 60

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When a love is worth waiting for,wait.
When a love is worth fighting for, fight.
When a love all consumes you,
take it with both hands and love it.

Comes only once in a lifetime
an all consuming love,
till the day one of you dies,
then the love goes on with only
half a love,half a life,half a heart.

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Comments by other Members

joanie at 22:28 on 16 November 2004  Report this post
Alice, you can't know how much this speaks to me. Thank you.


juleschoc at 22:31 on 16 November 2004  Report this post
How sad but inspiring.

Had 2 probs...

Comes once in a lifetime

bit cliched..read it too many times before lol.

Also the word consume..makes it repetitive. I mean you don't want it to 'consume' the poem do you.

Loved it otherwise.


roovacrag at 22:34 on 16 November 2004  Report this post
Joan many thanks for comments. Glad you liked it.

xx Alice

roovacrag at 22:38 on 16 November 2004  Report this post
Jules this is my love and I did only find it once.
Widowed 11 years never had a man since.

Nor did I have one before. Unlike todays women.I was a virgin when I got married.

xx Alice

Elsie at 22:38 on 16 November 2004  Report this post
Alice, Aw, so sad. But , "it's better to have.. " etc. Love the last line.

roovacrag at 22:42 on 16 November 2004  Report this post
Elsie..Love is a beautiful thing and one I encourage the young to find.

Many thanks...hope you believe in love.

xx Alice

juleschoc at 22:44 on 16 November 2004  Report this post
Your life....sad but inspiring again, Alice. Think how lucky you are to have had the experience.

Was thinking when I read it how appropriate it was for my aunt who lost her husband just three weeks ago. She is in her sixties and was with my since she was fifteen. Life can be cruel.

Keep up the poetry


I agree..the last line is beautiful

juleschoc at 22:52 on 16 November 2004  Report this post
just read your aberfan poem..are you from aberfan then, Alice? i am from merthyr just a few miles away.


roovacrag at 22:57 on 16 November 2004  Report this post
Jules no..I remember it happening at the time.
Came from where the pits are.

Many thanks for looking at my old stuff.

xxxx Alice

Brian Aird at 10:11 on 17 November 2004  Report this post
This brought a tear - but 'love' connects at a higher level than marriage and embraces love of friends, father, sister, mother etc.

For this reason the 'all-consuming' description seems a litle bit limiting.

Is it not healthy to use the love you've had for a close, but now lost, friend/partner as a kind of springboard to empower or enrich other relationships?

In time wounds do heal. New love is found. Mother nature wants it so.

Take care


roovacrag at 21:09 on 17 November 2004  Report this post
Brian many thanks.
I agree it goes beyond.
I have never forgotten to say I love you.
I say it often to family and friends and they know I mean it.
I was just too young to lose my one and only love.

xx Alice

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