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by mamma.africa 

Posted: 01 November 2004
Word Count: 239

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Table number 1: Corruption, Lust, Arrongance, Greed, Hate
Table number 2: War, Racism, Ignorance, Rape, Murder
Table number 3: TOTAL DESTRUCTION (too big, need a table on his own!)
Table number 4: Solitude -missing- (was invited but...declined!)

-Posh restaurant, golden plates, fine wines and cigars (thanks to child labour and very understanding customs)

They feast, hungrily,on the weakest:
the different, the far-too-young, the already-too-old, the defenseless, the poorest of the poor

They cut
they greedily separate the meat from the bone, the soul from the heart
They chew
They burp
They spit...

Scraps, food for the waiting pack of emasculated, mangy dogs (vicious ones but still everybody's favourite, the cherished family pet)
Their names? Civil servant, Bishop, General, Immigration officer, Socialite, Imam, Prime minister, Rabbi, Police officer, Royalty, Dictator and even a little Businessman
(scratching an itchy spot, where his conscience used to be!)

under the shining sun
the Resistance is gathering:
there are few mad (or courageous) people and then...
a multitude of too-desperate-got-nothing-to-loose, or may be just too-stubborn-to-give-up.
They hold hands as they hold eah other, brotherly sharing the last laugh, the last hug.

They are armed and dangerous!
loaded with bullets of Love, Compassion, Pride
(charged) ready to fire Dignity, Affection and Solidarity
Hang grenades
soon to sing sweet lullabies and love songs

On the top of the trees, sulking jealous birds
will take bets
while watching the ULTIMATE battle being fought.

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Comments by other Members

Account Closed at 18:06 on 01 November 2004  Report this post
This was really powerful and an interesting style. It reminded me of Zola or Dickens - the class divide.

Spotted a typo: as they hold eah other = each


roovacrag at 21:50 on 01 November 2004  Report this post
Mamma... strong and powerful piece here. Well formatted and to the point.

You have written it from the heart.
Every stanza was a gem to read.

xx Alice

laurafraser at 11:34 on 02 November 2004  Report this post
avoided topic tackled with integrity and understanding.
powerful and with a clear message
almost goes beyound a poem if that makes sense
Laura x

The Walrus at 18:00 on 03 November 2004  Report this post
Am not a political animal but like very much the universal good overcomes evil theme. You have covered a multitude in this poem, few escape!

An impassioned piece.

The Walrus

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