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by sowelu 

Posted: 15 October 2004
Word Count: 48

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Sponges who sap up my energy,and suck the life out of me.
Who pleased me initially,but drained me eventually.
They'd helped to soak up the tears once, but they don't do that anymore.
There's a pool of me left lying here now,but at least i know the score.

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Comments by other Members

Kal at 19:13 on 15 October 2004  Report this post
I'm not very knowledgable about poetry but i loved this. It struck very true. It reminded me of a time not so distant.

Thanks you


baroque at 08:53 on 16 October 2004  Report this post
I'm no poetry expert, but I like this, we can all recognise a similar situation, I do wonder how ever should it be sponges or spongers?

Chem at 11:18 on 16 October 2004  Report this post
Hi Suzanne

I do like this and know exactly what you mean. There always seem to be some people in life that drain us dry and, unfortunately, they don't know when to stop. They forget we have our own problems too! It wouldn't matter if it was balanced!

Good one

Epona Love at 17:07 on 16 October 2004  Report this post
Hello and welcome to ww...

Love the poem, hate the sponges... don't let them sap any more of your energy, put it into more poetry... because I can't wait to read some more.
There is a refreshing energy in your words, powerfull... even though you have been exhausted by those sponges!!!!!

Keep writeing!

Emma xx.

The Walrus at 19:15 on 16 October 2004  Report this post
Love the concept! Inspired indeed. So so true.

More please!

The Walrus

PeterOC at 05:14 on 17 October 2004  Report this post
I absolutely defy anyone to see that title and not want to read on. Brilliant. As for the poem, it's short and succinct and sums up something I think most people could relate to, which is a pity. (erm... dangling modifiers ahoy! But you know what I mean.)

Well done.


poemsgalore at 17:07 on 17 October 2004  Report this post
This is very strong, as though all your resentment has made you powerful enough to fend off the sponges. When we are weak, we are strong. Sounds odd, but it is true. Excellent work.

Celt at 12:26 on 10 November 2004  Report this post
Sounds like the old 'familiarity breads contempt' kind of sponger. I hope you find a more appreciative sponge.
Take care,

paul53 [for I am he] at 15:17 on 06 March 2005  Report this post
These people sponges used to be called "auric vampires" years ago. They would turn up at the wrong time, stay overlong, and leave feeling much better. You, meanwhile, were a puddle on the floor.
Good poem; leave a space after commas.

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