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Every Last Day of our Lives

by andyccn 

Posted: 13 October 2004
Word Count: 191
Summary: A quick poem about a friendship of 12 years between me and my best mate. Needs some editing, but just after first opinions?

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I was not there when you needed me
I failed to spot the signs
I never stopped to catch the tears
I never dried your eyes

From that first day I met you
Twelve years ago to date
You were just a normal kid
My saviour, my best mate
I never knew you were different
From the very first day of your life

I loved the way we used to talk
All night long sometimes
I thought that I could count on you
for a joke, a chat, good times
I thought that you would be there still
Every last day of my life

We used to laugh, we used to smile,
we used to cry sometimes
But always it would be together
Always so defined
Then one day I laughed alone
For you weren't by my side

If only I had stopped to see
If only I had realised
No matter what the reasoning
It's all because of me you died

If I could have my time again
I'd make no trouble, tell you no lies
As long as I could be with you
Every last day of our lives

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Comments by other Members

Sazmac at 13:25 on 14 October 2004  Report this post
Very powerful evocation of a friendship and very moving

Well done


andyccn at 10:21 on 15 October 2004  Report this post
Thanks Saz!

Update: Added the second verse and changed a couple of words in the third.


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