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Depression - Part I

by optiplex 

Posted: 13 October 2004
Word Count: 100

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Depression - Part I

Silent, inward and non responsive
Numb to the world
Craving sense deprivation, no interaction.

Hesitancy, anxiety, nervousness
I cannot think, I cannot work
'LEAVE ME ALONE' I want to shout

Never lets up, at home at work
It follows me wherever I go
Worse & worse by every day

Suicide - is it an option I ask myself
Slowly I put that thought away
To that little black box for another day

It hurts, and is painful,
Shaking & crying I start to fall apart
I want to escape far far away

To be continued…

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Comments by other Members

Shadowgirl at 18:27 on 13 October 2004  Report this post

You captured this awful condition so well. It says more than a hundred medical textbooks could ever do.

You say to be continued...I so hope that you will continue to write and one day find that the sun shines for you again. I think you have made tremendous steps towards that this week. It can't be easy, so from me a a sincere well done for finding the courage to put these feelings into words.

Good luck!


roger at 21:12 on 13 October 2004  Report this post

Anyone who hasn't suffered in this way, who cannot understand it's destructive nature, should be forced to read this. It says it all, tells it how it is, so that others can understand. It has great value as a piece of poetry, but maybe even greater value as an explanation to those who say, 'So what, I get pissed off sometimes, too.' But maybe that's what great poetry is all about.

Ticonderoga at 16:54 on 14 October 2004  Report this post
Hi - great piece; nakedly honest and a incredibly accurate description of a condition with which I'm personally very familiar. If it comes out as well as this, keep scribbling! Anything that gives you an objective perspective on these things helps in the long run. Write on.....

Love & Mercy,


Mooncat at 10:02 on 17 October 2004  Report this post

This captures it well - such as the desperation and the loneliness, but wanting to be left alone anyway. Great poem.

I look forward to part 2

Best wishes


Souchong at 23:14 on 20 October 2004  Report this post
again, very open and naked. i like the imagery of the black box, and putting a thought (the most terrifying one) carefully away. resonates with disaster (black box found after air crash). roll on part 2.

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