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by TheGodfather 

Posted: 07 October 2004
Word Count: 214
Summary: A man's poem written in apology for inferring/stating/blundering that his woman had a large rear end.

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There has been a travesty this day
that one young man shoulds't go and say
"Aye, over yonder lies one big glute."
when he certainly knew it did not suit
the glute that he had seen that day.

His mistaken heart-breakin slip of the tongue
was doomed without chance to be ever undone.
For a glute that is nicer than Courtney Cox's
and forever more lovely than Goldilock's
was accused of weighing a massive ton.

What a horrible, wretched, distasteful err
that a man could so flippantly without a care
dare to impose on this cute little hiney
that it had a quality other than tiny.
Such a statement could not be further than fair.

For he spoke far too quick 'bout this glorious glute
and shattered his character, the great big galoot.
He did not know what he was talking about,
for this beautiful maiden was so far from stout.
She was thin and impressive, attractive and cute
Skinny, and eye-catching, and sexy to boot.

When the man realized his horrid mistake,
he reached out to catch her heart as it break.
For this one thoughtless blunder he hoped she'd forgive,
for he'd try not to repeat it as long as he lived,
her love to drink of and her steak to partake.

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Comments by other Members

poemsgalore at 18:16 on 07 October 2004  Report this post
Wonderful, it has a medieval feel to it as you are reading along, but with modern undertones - and I'm sure people in the 14th century commented on the size of a woman's bum too. I loved the understated humour. Makes me think of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

roovacrag at 20:55 on 07 October 2004  Report this post
Goddy if I did'nt know where you came from.
Would put you down as a celt,yorkshire one at that.

Poem is well written and composed. Liked it very much.

Well done.

xx Alice

Brian Aird at 10:22 on 08 October 2004  Report this post
Loved the Coutney Cox/Goldilocks switch.

I bet you agonised for a while over mistake/brake/spake and the extra line in the fourth verse!

I'm interested to know why the mistake though - why not turn the comment into a compliment?

Never painted, such a gorgeuous end
Where eyes and hands to pleasure go..

Or something


Lawrenco at 20:17 on 08 October 2004  Report this post
Must admit to agreeing to poems galore the chaucer medieval espessialy 'spake'.
With words like tiney, hiney,glute and galoot,certainly has a Dr Shultz ,kind of feel as well ;I like also the unusual words to find to give comic affect.

TheGodfather at 18:49 on 29 January 2005  Report this post
Ooh...Thanks all for the comments so long ago. I changed the closing line. I like it a million times more. Tell me what you think if you can.


roovacrag at 21:17 on 31 January 2005  Report this post
Goddy exquisite end to a good poem.
You never fail to astound me.
Well done.
xxxxxxxxxxxx Alicejoy

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