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Died and gone to heaven

by Zipporah`s Daughter 

Posted: 25 September 2004
Word Count: 299
Summary: Seeing a legendary performer in concert and the affect it had open me.

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This wingless angel with a wicked voice was lifting me high above my cloudy day that blessed July.

As I stood a mere three rows in front of her alter - amongst my fellow joyful worshippers - I heard her sing as though a new song, "Ain't nobody love me better than you". At that very moment, I openly confessed my enduring love for her too.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, if I were in possession of such a strong- majestic voice! None but she can make grown men bow at the knee; with her beauty and flowing black hair. She was put on this earth to openly declare the truth, namely that; "I'm every woman". No other could make so many agree.

When her concert had reached its finale, musicians and backing-singers alike, stepped away from their makes - transfixed by her aura and sheer presence. In teenage excitement I screamed out her name, "Chaka"!

If at first I had doubted the vision, what happened next was not held in derision by onlookers - who later testified to witnessing the scene. I had raised both my hands way up over my head and watched, as Ms Khan walked close to the edge of the stage, stretching her hands out to clasp mine.

Intoxicated and sanctified was I, as though I had downed a barrel of sacramental wine. And then within the blink of an eye, I felt electricity run through my viens warming my blood. She touched me! Chaka had re-charged my dead batteries. That night, I swear I received powerful healing.

Still locked within her dove-tailed grip, I gazed into her eyes; thanking her from quivering lips but thanking God also, for his grace in allowing me to exist.

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Comments by other Members

Don Gorgon at 13:01 on 25 September 2004  Report this post
Zipporah's Daughter, 'I feel for you'!

What a lovely piece, I'm sure Ms.Khan would be well pleased! I have had a similar experience some years ago with the Marley family, Bob's children that is, and when I read your words, they rang true!

Some DEB lyrics in there too 'Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life' (from Emmanuel is it?)I love those lines!

I'll look forward to reading more of your works on here, thank you!


roovacrag at 20:24 on 25 September 2004  Report this post
Zipp... a lovely piece. Was the title that got me. My late husband said that about lady bower. You could die here and think you was in heaven and thats where I laid his ashes.

It's a feeling and a presence that you feel and know it's right.

Well done.

xx Alice

Welcome to WW.

dareoshinuga at 16:56 on 26 September 2004  Report this post
nice one here zippy.would very much like to follow up on other contributions from you.

The Walrus at 21:52 on 27 September 2004  Report this post
Powerfully refreshing piece.

The Walrus

Account Closed at 15:31 on 24 November 2004  Report this post
Nice piece of flash fiction that conveys idol worship superbly well.

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