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Pissouri Beach, Cyprus.

by hardyshrub 

Posted: 12 September 2004
Word Count: 497
Summary: A short travel review of one of Cyprus' lesser known resorts.

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Pissouri Beach, Cyprus.

West of the large and popular resort of Limmassol and about half way along the main highway to Paphos, lies the relatively unspoilt beach resort of Pissouri.

Perched almost a thousand feet above sea level on a hillside overlooking the bay, the actual village of Pissouri is situated a short distance from the main road and about three kilometres inland from the beach. The village’s small population is an unlikely mix of traditional farmers and English ex-pats. This is probably due to the proximity of the village to the British Sovereign Base at Episkopi. Despite this, with its picturesque Central Square and narrow lanes, the village manages to retain a lot of its Cypriot character.

The journey from here to the turquoise sea below involves a relatively twisty, but otherwise decent road, which culminates in the heart of the small but well-appointed resort. There are a handful of unremarkable shops, which nevertheless meet the needs of most holidaymakers as well as a couple of banks and several restaurants, serving both local Cypriot and British cuisine. Situated at the centre of the bay, the rather grandiose Columbia Beach Hotel is easily the largest holiday development, dominating the western end of this small resort.

Once on the seafront, the attraction of this petite and relatively unknown location becomes clear. For a kilometre in both directions, the wide beach sweeps around the entirety of the bay, flanked by low rocky cliffs on either side. Predominantly made up of small pebbles and shingle, this Blue Flag beach provides year-round safe swimming in clear warm water. More adventurous sun-worshippers will discover that at both extremes of the bay, the pebbles and shingle give way to fine sandy stretches beneath the cliffs. The natural protection of the cliffs and the sheer size of the beach make it ideal for water sports such as windsurfing and kiteboarding, which are available throughout the summer season.

The centre of the bay is quite clearly the busiest area furnished with a large array of sun-loungers and parasols and conveniently serviced by a narrow paved walkway, which runs along the central part of the beachfront. In contrast, the more rugged eastern edge of the bay houses the least populated stretch of beach where the sea gently collides with a small collection of jagged rocks. The distance from most of the amenities alone ensures the relative unpopularity of this part of the beach, but it is this easily accessible seclusion that seems to epitomise the resort as a whole.

With the growth in global tourism and the ever-looming prospect of E.U membership for Cyprus, it seems inevitable that Pissouri will see further development as a resort. Indeed, over the last few years the area has witnessed the materialisation of a number of holiday villages and apartments. However, for the time being at least, Pissouri remains an understated haven for those seeking a more tranquil alternative to the brash commercialism of some of southern Cyprus’ better-known destinations.

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Comments by other Members

Account Closed at 17:54 on 15 September 2004  Report this post
This sounds like an interesting place. I can clearly picture it in my mind. The village sounds ripe for a sitcom!

Is this aimed at any particular publication? I can imagine a good shot of the beach and cliffs or the village square would set it off nicely.


beachhotel at 14:35 on 14 April 2010  Report this post
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