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The Ghost in the Attic (2)

by Sue 

Posted: 27 August 2004
Word Count: 848
Summary: This is the continuation of the short story competition I am hoping to enter.

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"Who were you waving to?" mum asked.

"I thought I saw someone. Anyway, what's for tea, I'm starving!"

After tea, mum showed Becky some old things that had been left behind, mostly books, a couple of vases and a box of black and white photographs which, to an 8 year old, were a little boring though some were quite nice with views of the countryside, animals that sort of thing. Two gripped her attention.

"What do you think of these?" she asked her mum showing her them. One showed a garden in full bloom and the other a little girl. Her mum gasped and turned white. The little girl could have been her own daughter. Turning the photo over she read "Liz, aged 9, in her garden".

The next day, Becky went up to the attic rooms. Not really knowing why she placed the two photographs in the room overlooking the walled garden.

"Hello, you found the photographs then. I knew you would. I didn't like the other people who where here and, I suppose I was quite naughty really. Played tricks on them you could say, slammed doors up here, moved their belongings about that sort of thing. They completely ignored my garden. I was very cross at them. I knew you would arrive one day. I was watching you that day you came and looked around. You loved it as soon as you saw it. I did too. So what's your name then. I'm Liz can't remember what age I am!"

Becky didn't so much as hear this with her ears as heard it in her head.

"I'm Becky, aged 8 and yes I love the place. First house I can say that about. It was you I saw then".

Becky was amazed at not only how much she looked like her but also how much she sounded like her not that she would do those things to people. "What do I tell my mum and dad about you?"

"You don't have to worry at all. Your mum believes in me already, she's seen the photo remember, we could be sisters!"

The following weekend Becky and her mum went to the local Record Office. Becky watched and listened as her mum asked questions, looked in books, wrote things down and looked through some sort of camera.

"Here's Liz look. Born 1900 and died when she was only 9 through illness, they don't say what sort. There's our ghost Becky".

"When can we start on the garden and painting the attic rooms? Liz said I would know how".

"I think you may be right. The garden will have to wait until next Spring but we can make a start on the rooms".

"Not too bright but not dark colours but make one room as I would like it. She wouldn't mind me doing that".

Becky chose pastel colours, shades of green and lilac for all the rooms but one, her own, which she made yellow. When Liz saw them she was amazed.

"Spot on. Just as I had them. The yellow might be a bit brighter then I use to have it, we didn't have much choice then but still the same".

Spring arrived and her dad did all the hard work - sawing trees, cutting brambles and clearing nettles - but then he left the rest to the girls.

"Mum, Liz has told me what to get and where it must be planted. Also it must be a haven for wildlife".

"Oh, really?" said mum, laughing to herself.

"Yes, like in the photo. I can see the garden from my bedroom window and Liz will be able to see it from the attic rooms".

Her mum was amazed at her daughter but, not questioning her, they started planning and designing it on their computer.

By Summer it was complete. On a rainy day Becky was in her favorite spot in the attic rooms watching the garden when she sensed Liz coming to her.

"Well done, perfect. I've come to say goodbye now".

"Why?", asked Becky a little sad at the thought of losing her friend, even if she was a ghost.

"You have completed my garden and my rooms perfectly. Oh, don't worry I will always be about here, you will sense my presence and you will find something of mine to remember me by. I will always be close by though. Goodbye".

"Goodbye" replied Becky not feeling too upset at all. She did find two things - one of the vases they had found she put in the attic room and in the garden they had discovered an Urn with the inscription "Liz 1900" which Becky put in a hollow in the walled garden.

Though Liz may have vanished from the house, she was true by what she said. Becky would always find something in the attic rooms that shouldn't have been there, like a flower out of the garden, but Becky never felt worried but glad to know that her friend Liz, the Ghost in the Attic was still there with her.


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Comments by other Members

Brian Aird at 19:20 on 20 September 2004  Report this post
I enjoyed the story, but it semed to end just when I wanted it to develop.

Why did Liz wait for Becky and why did she know she would come one day? There is still a mystery there that many readers may want you to explore a little more.

Maybe a few more chapters........

My first upload is called Marvin.

Sue at 10:23 on 22 September 2004  Report this post
Hi Brian,

Many thanks for your comments. This was the second part to a short story I was writing for a competition in Writers News. I have actually sent it off now but not after it was edited about 5 times. Competition closed 15 September.

You have shown me how I could actually rewrite the story and maybe make it a bit longer. Thank you for taking time out to read it.


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