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From Distant Lands

by Montog 

Posted: 25 August 2004
Word Count: 264
Summary: I wrote this last year and can't get it out of my head, I would welcome comments and hints to finish it.

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From distant lands they come to us this England home to all
Romans, Saxons, Angles, Danes, Normans and Bengal’s.
Ancient clans of Britons stood and fought the early foe,
Bodecea and her band of men delivered vengant woe.
They fought and died their bones left bleached upon the bloodied ground
then, covered in their favourite garb buried in an earthen mound.
But Britons were not to be slaved and foreigners soon found,
that Great Britannia temperament
which built a land of monuments
to all its fallen combatants
of which we are so proud.

A land for all no matter what their mortal feelings are.
Time will tell its history
of all mankind and despotry
the beginnings of equality
do we all want peace not war?

We started out as Picts and Scots
the Romans came and taught us lots
we fought the French and never lost
built an Empire at great cost
this spread the greed
to expand our breed
in new blood far and wide.

The Empire grew til the last post,
heralding a dawning age of aeroplanes, tanks and bombs
visions of a world of peace did not last long
again the toast to comrades lost, another song.

And now we cannot stop we fight the argument of left and right
In government we shout out loud
To quell the burning deep inside
That yearns for peace around the world
Its all were left with til the next
Discriminate night,
which might
be insight,
Its in your head its on your frown its on the conscience of every town.

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Comments by other Members

Kipper at 06:53 on 29 August 2004  Report this post
A massive subject to attempt - what forms and informs what we call Us and Home. Difficult too to do so by Jingo! I like your observations of the historical multi-culturality and ethnic diversity that makes up, and continues to change the genetic and cultural pool of these sceptred isles. Pride and Peace - such happy, but often oppositional desires: very topical in these Olympic days (as is the ethnic diversity).
As to finishing it - I doubt that you can! (thats not to say you shouldn't try) It is Too Big an idea, perhaps concentrate on illustrative episodes, as you have with the Boudiccan rebellion?
A very interesting and important topic to tackle, I look forward to reading more.
Oh and welcome to Group Three Montog!
Regards, Kipper.

Sam Rix at 23:07 on 31 August 2004  Report this post
Hi Montog,
Welcome to the table, have a cup of tea with us...

You've chosen one of the hot topics, one where pleasing every one will never happen, where there will always be another point of view, an offended party, a tale untold.

As much as this work is a reflection of what moulds these Isles, (Isles that are so galvanising for other countries and which are both overtly aggressive and contrastingly passive), this piece is also a tapestry of times, emotions and facts.
Your words sing of pride, of humility and of shame, a balancing act that on paper is stable and wholly visible, the reality is so much more fluid and changing, which is where the disagreements rise from.
We often fall foul on one side of the choices we make or the other, this piece is a good testament to that.

Well done for working on this, I suspect, much like Kipper, this is a piece that will evolve with you, I'd treat this as a statement of self, where you can see yourself growing...

You made me think, and there is no better compliment can be given than reflection.

Keep up the goog work

Love and Luck

Montog at 14:17 on 01 September 2004  Report this post
Thanks for the comments and the welcome. Hello!

When I first wrote this it was twice the length but over the last year I have condensed it down. I don't think I will stop tinkering with it and many thanks for the compliment.

Tarbra at 11:50 on 05 November 2005  Report this post
Very good, a difficult subject to tackle. Well done I for one liked it, Linda

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