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What to do when there is a war

by TheGodfather 

Posted: 17 August 2004
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Down on Main Street, I interviewed some protestors of the war on Iraq. They had three major complaints against the war. First were the tons of babies that are dying on T.V. Second was the environment. You know how much pollution those missiles emit into the air (miss-aisles – say it right). Third is the fact that California is billions of dollars in debt. You know how much money this war is costing, right?

Some Vermont teen-agers apparently were fed up with the war. They were so fed up, in fact, that they decided to throw rocks at a uniformed National Guard sergeant. Now, I hate to be the killjoy here, but this is not the way to protest. I guess they were a little too heated up after their anti-war demonstration and got carried away in the moment. They even swore at her. Let me decode this event for you. They wanted us all to know their thoughts. “No war! No war! And we’re going to fight you if you disagree.”

The other day protesters were in Westwood in demonstration against the war, voicing their thoughts that we should not be attacking Saddam Hussein. They disagree with forcing Saddam to comply with the rules. Rules are made to be broken though, right? Geneva convention, rules of war, rules of engagement, posh! We can’t make him comply. Irony has its way of poking its dazzling head into matters though doesn’t it. Irony came and arrested the protesters for failing to comply with the rules. I guess lying in the streets and blocking the intersections are some of those things that we can’t do around here. Who would have known? It makes me wonder if the people who were arrested for failing to comply with the rules still think we shouldn’t “arrest” Saddam for failing to comply.

And finally, NBC fired Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Peter Arnett for his Iraqi television.” If the protesters unite, maybe they’ll all get fired. I’m sure if Iraq personally back-bit each of them, their minds might change as well. Or maybe they wouldn’t. Peter Arnett, Protester Prize winner, has actually retracted his apology for saying (as I paraphrase his quote), “America has failed in its war plans. They are complete imbeciles. They need to replan their war efforts.” The good news here is that a British newspaper, Daily Mirror, has hired him, a shining example that you can achieve your dreams in this world if say ignorant enough things. It’s bad enough that people are protesting the war here, but with people like Peter Arnett going on Iraqi television and doing interviews, giving his pep talk to the Iraqi people, it’s a wonder all the protesters don’t realize they should simply move to Iraq.

Maybe we should protest protesting. Let’s go down to the street corner with our signs and chant, “No more protesting! No more protesting!” That would make a difference, right? I think I still have some anti-protesting fliers in my desk at home. Propaganda some people would call it. We could wave American flags, shout, and hand out the pamphlets to unwary people. Maybe someone will offer a job to one of you.

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Comments by other Members

roovacrag at 21:36 on 19 September 2004  Report this post
Goddy a great piece here.
Good to hear the, US. side as well as the brits.
A war with no ending.
A side with no middle
a middle without an end.

xx Alice

TheGodfather at 22:08 on 19 September 2004  Report this post

I was beginning to wonder if anyone was ever going to find this one. I feel a unique role on this website being from the U.S. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.


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