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An Attempted Poetic Suicide

by Lee Tee Vee 

Posted: 31 July 2004
Word Count: 243

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Comments by other Members

Fearless at 17:57 on 31 July 2004  Report this post
Aaaah Sir, but isn't writing, whether prose or poetry, about expression, expansive fantasy in free flight?

The great thing about expression is that it doesn't matter whether people 'get' it or not, as long as you expressed something. More often than not, people, will conjure up their own interpretation, through the lenses that are their own life's experiences.

One would note young man, that based on the number of comments, their depth and feeling, nobody would consider you to have a 'shallow pool of ability'. To express something, is always a worthy contribution. Food for thought perhaps?

Write on (whatever your style),


P.S. Writing both poetry and prose under one persona will only enhance your credibility.

P.P.S. You seem obsessed with the expression 'ball ache' - try a massage, or, if you're masochistic, Ralgex.

TheGodfather at 18:20 on 31 July 2004  Report this post

I enjoy the concept here, but I too think you are off base in your thoughts, if these are indeed your thoughts and not just a poem. I have to take that into consideration. You may have just written this to write it not feeling what the MC feels. But if you are feeling that, know that you can succeed at both poetry and fiction. In fact, they complement each other greatly.


roovacrag at 22:11 on 31 July 2004  Report this post
Lee great piece.Enjoyed reading it. Loved the opening stanza. Grabbed me.

xx Alice

olebut at 10:17 on 01 August 2004  Report this post

I am not sure I can add anything to that which ah salready been said othe rthan I think in verse 1 line 2 I would change the word 'off' to 'away' ( one pulls off but peels away normally and I think it owrks better with your words)

take care


miffle at 01:50 on 02 August 2004  Report this post
I think you're giving yourself and overly hard time ;-) That said it is not uncommon actually for poets to be preoccupied with Death/ the idea of their own Death (or perhaps that's a bit passe ;-)!) Write on in whatever way you want! Nikki

ShayBoston at 11:08 on 03 August 2004  Report this post
Lee's contacted me from beyond the grave and asked me to pass on his many thanks for your comments.


Tuppence at 12:50 on 06 December 2004  Report this post
thank god u think poems don't have to rhyme
i loved it hate restrictions
just write

scoops at 18:11 on 09 February 2005  Report this post
Chanced upon this on a random read: is it your alter ego Shay? I have to say that I think it's a really well expressed - I like the slow change from reflective introspection to the irritated shaking off of an uncomfortable skin. That said: it's a skin you clearly inhabited rather well - is it not worth another go?:-) Shyama

radavies1uk at 01:21 on 09 April 2006  Report this post
Hey Lee

This just popped up on the random read box.

All I see however is
D:\websites\writewords.org.uk\members\files\5871.txt did not exist

Which looking at the comments does not appear to be your poem, or if it is, it's a work of absolute genius :)

Thanks to either you, or the system administrators for this, really made me wonder hard for a minute :)

Bob :)

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