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The Clone Wars

by MasterRevelation 

Posted: 25 May 2003
Word Count: 420
Summary: saw this heading in a Readers Digest - and just wondered what if...?

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Ok, I will admit it, no, I am not very deep
So I do not understand much in this life!
But when I read of Dolly, and how they cloned a sheep,
I could sense that it would only lead to strife!

All the Welshmen would be queuing up (Perhaps some Aussies too)
To have a copy made that they could keep.
I expect that they would pay whatever payment there was due
(Even if that figure might seem pretty steep!)

For when a man has found himself his true and perfect love
His one delight, his pride and joy, his “dolly”,
Then clearly this consumes him, and all he’s thinking of
Is clouded by his one pursuit of folly!

So if, as I suspect it might, demand outstripped supply,
And the sheep were rationed out to those in line,
Then all hell could be unleashed as all the men began to cry
When they couldn’t get the sheep of their design.

They would fight and they would argue; they would swear and bite and cuss
They would push and shove and kick and scratch and shunt.
There is no doubt that they would cause just one almighty fuss
As they tried to claw their way up to the front.

As the battles raged on fiercely they would have to mount a guard
To protect the cloners from the raging mob.
But as we know a lover, full of passion, can be hard,
And so stopping them at all would be a job.

But this is just conjecture since it hasn’t happened yet
This clone war’s simply raging in my head.
But one day soon I think it might- in fact I’ll take a bet
That it wont be long ‘til streets are running red.

You see, I have just heard the news that makes my blood run cold
They now have cloned another little beast.
And this time you had better get out your reserves of gold
To purchase yours when it has been released.

Yes here it is; the cause of wars since first the world began,
That led to discontent on every side.
Since the serpent tempted Eve and she in turn beguiled the man
There has always been a pussy at his side!

And now that they are cloning these it doesn’t bode too well
For the future of the world, it’s plain to see
It wont be long until, I fear, we are heading down to hell
With a pussy at the front, I guarantee!

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Comments by other Members

roger at 20:35 on 25 May 2003  Report this post
'Ok, I will admit it, no, I am not very deep' - Are you kidding M.R? I've seen the 'silly stuff' on your website (and impressive it is) but this is a new dimension and I like it, it's good, very good.

MasterRevelation at 01:38 on 26 May 2003  Report this post
You are too kind Roger - thank you for your encouragement - it is truly appreciated

Mickey at 13:42 on 12 March 2004  Report this post
Love it, love it, love it!! This is brilliant, Peter. At last I've found someone to relate to. I was ahead of you on the fifth verse - very restrained!!


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