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Why Bother

by baldur 

Posted: 15 July 2004
Word Count: 126

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Why bother now,
it’s over and done.
Why bother now?
We shouldn’t have begun.

It’s too late now.
We should never have started
It’s too late now.
But it was never half-hearted.

It was always you and always me.
Always from the start.
It was always you and always me,
I knew it in my heart.

Was it really
a waste of time?
Is this really
A waste of rhyme?

Should I bother now?
Should I start again?
Should I bother now?
Is it worth the Pain?

For you it is…I know it is
Even from the start.
For you it is…I know it is
Always in my heart.

Why bother now
It’s over and done.
Why bother now?
We shouldn’t have begun.

We did.

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Comments by other Members

Bobo at 16:37 on 16 July 2004  Report this post
Baldur - I like the simplistic rhythmic repetition of this - it gives a feeling of desparate full-on emotion, as though you are pouring-out your heart. The ending is in keeping with the sense of 'no regrets' which runs through the piece, and this adds a certain ' it' edge which I especially like.

Good stuff!
BoBo x

Ticonderoga at 09:32 on 17 July 2004  Report this post
Very tender, very felt, but free of self-pity; put me in mind of a lyric of Burns' which ends, 'had we met and ne'er been parted/we had ne'er been broken-hearted.' Lovely.



TheGodfather at 19:25 on 20 July 2004  Report this post
Since you can take it, I really don't like the repeated lines, not that it doesn't accomplish your desired effect. It might just be my personal preference. It seems this could have been said in much fewer words and more powerfully, although the stream of thought and questions here may take a while for the speaker's mind to develop them, hence the repeats. The ending is solid and filled with a powerful closure.


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