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Santa Files

by Scott 

Posted: 23 May 2003
Word Count: 357
Summary: The story no one ever wanted to know

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New documents released: Further reading mind cause upset!

This is going to be hard to believe but keep an open mind because itís all true

Father Christmas, good Ol' Nick was REAL, no joke, Santa did grace the sky every Christmas eve

We have all be feed a terrible lie that he never existed because the man did, Santa was real but his fate was so appalling it was believed too dreadful to tell the children about but I can divulge all now!

During the Second World War good Old Nick was still delivering presents to all those kids all over the world (and even the bad because the kind hearted old man could not really leave them outÖ could he) Germany included (the children are always innocent)


I'll keep this short because I still find the details hard to swallow; in fact the tears in my eyes blur the screen before me

Santa was doing his good deed when Nazi security spotted a UFO in the sky, most likely a enemy plane, now they did not believe in Santa (many adults didnít, most dismiss what they can not explain) and proceeded to shoot the UFO down, they were successful and blew Santa right out of the sky, reindeers and all, by the time those poor bastards hit the ground Rudolf was not the only reindeer with a red nose! Santa was dead, killed by Nazi Germany! (but remember the war is long over so please forgive them)

Another quick note:

America were worried Santa could turn with age and a man able to get into every home in the world in one night was a definite threat, imagine what he could get, what he could do, and find out; no one in the world could stop him...why? Heís too damn fast. A terrible thought but a chance the Americans did not want to take, Santa had to go!

So Santaís days were numbered either way

The good are always questioned and what does that say for us all when we can not accept something good without expecting, suspecting the bad in it?

Poor fat sod

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Comments by other Members

Richard Brown at 18:14 on 13 August 2003  Report this post
Amusing idea with some good touches but for this piece to work for me it would have to be either more comical or more fantastical. Obviously nobody is ever going to take the story as even remotely true but it might function well as a humorous allegory.
I think it worth pointing out that, unless there is a deliberate use of an idiom that I don't recognise, the text would benefit from some proof-reading - eg in the first line it's presumably meant to be 'further reading might cause upset'. And, 'We have all be feed a terrible lie' is presumably 'We have all been fed....'

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