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Lady In The Rain

by Zettel 

Posted: 05 July 2004
Word Count: 262

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I guess we may have to think about how this will work in the absence of music (though a singing chat room has all kinds of comic possibilities - especially with my voice). If anyone has any ideas about basic song structure I guess we could try to produce something to that. Not sure of copyright issues but I did partly re-write an existing song lyric to make it more topical. Need advice on that - if ok it wouldbe another possible 'exercise' designed to write within a generic 'shape'. In the absence of all those skills: this was an early effort.

[bold] Lady In The Rain

I was out walkin' in the rain
Heart full of trouble and doubt
Met a lady in my mind
Talked till the night ran out

Lady in the rain
Lady of the song
Her melody lingers a long time after
Her smiling laughter
And the rain and the pain have gone

We talk of loves we've each once known
And share the sorrows our lives have grown
Her laugh runs like water in the sun
But slow and deep when the memories come

Lady in the rain…….

Quiet now, the end of a troubled night
Sun's comin' up to bring the light
But I miss my lady in the rain
Companion of the night

Lady in the rain……..

Still go out walkin' in the rain
Searchin' the rain soaked streets for sun
Her soft song echoes on and on
Till in my mind the hurt is done.

Lady in the rain……..


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Comments by other Members

roovacrag at 15:37 on 06 July 2004  Report this post
Zettal...good verses here and loved the chorus.
I tried a few beats,but thought a slower one seemed to work better.

Too fast and it seemed to lose the words.

Hope it works for you.
xx Alice

Nik Perring at 20:08 on 06 July 2004  Report this post
Nice work Z.
Loved the line: "we talked 'till the night ran out."
It struck me as being a bit bluesy. Slow and gritty. Possibly a hint of Chris Rea?

Noodles at 14:41 on 07 July 2004  Report this post
Hi... as above. Loved it. Very effective, resonant and moving - great 'simple' ryhmes that say so much. Feels bluesy to me too.



olebut at 08:15 on 08 July 2004  Report this post

i keep seeing the title and think of the old number 'Walking in The Rain' I can't remeber who recorded it. Then i read the lyrics you have written and although your words aren't anything like 'Walking In The Rain' that damned tune keeps going through my head and thus I find it hard to visualise your words and its style

however Good lyrics and I guess we have all been there

take care


Jumbo at 18:01 on 08 July 2004  Report this post

Nice lyrics. I think slow and bluesy, as well- maybe just piano and bass. Anything too upbeat and I agree that you'd lose the emotion in the words.

And I liked the changing rhyme pattern through the verses, it gave each one a fresher feel.

A great chorus and hook!

All the best


Zettel at 20:30 on 08 July 2004  Report this post
Thanks to all for some very generous remarks.

I'm just off to learn to play a musical instrument......like Arctic Oates.....I may be gone some time.



olebut at 20:54 on 08 July 2004  Report this post

I think Captain Oates would have been gone for some time the rest of his colleagues were in Antartica sorry just pulling your leg a little


Z I have remebered who the group was it was The Stylites

take care



I could possibly have also remembered it as well

Zettel at 22:57 on 09 July 2004  Report this post

See - now we know why Oates was so long.

Was it the Stylites or the Chi-lites (or was that something else again?)

Is the antarctic the one on the top or the bottom?


A. G. Ographer


olebut at 07:33 on 10 July 2004  Report this post

it wa sthe chi-lites I realsie dmy error after I had posted but have not had time to correct it

the arctic is the one at the top with the bears the antarctic is the other one

take care


Zettel at 22:28 on 10 July 2004  Report this post

Conmforting to kow the bears won't fall off as they're at the top. (Probably done this 'joke' to death now).


Account Closed at 12:38 on 14 July 2004  Report this post
This was great. The line 'Talked till the night ran out' was my fave, a really evocative line.

Good stuff!


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