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by roovacrag 

Posted: 23 June 2004
Word Count: 106
Summary: Dedicated to Mum,with love.

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She brought her family up
thick and strong.
Her mother died
when she was 12.
Still she told her,
"Love you".

Sisters of 2
brothers of 7,
ten kids in all,
mother in heaven,
saying"love you".

She loved kids,
animals too.
Not once did she say,
"I don't love you".
She was always there
when I needed her most,
talked me through
my fear of ghosts.

She watched me play,
watched me cry,
never once
did I hear her sigh.
She just said,"love you".

The night she died,
I cried.
Next day phoned
to say goodbye.

She wasn't there,
so left a message,
"love you".

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Comments by other Members

olebut at 08:01 on 24 June 2004  Report this post

as always such a touching and emotive piece from you about real love and of course sadness, as always well done

just one little problem I had :-

the two lines I had trouble with were

Mother died
when she was 12.

I now I am being piccy but it does read a little as if mother was 12 !

bit like the newpaper headlines one reads ' Mother of four stabbed '

would it spoil it if you change it to 'her mother died'

take care

david x

roovacrag at 09:58 on 24 June 2004  Report this post
David,thank you. Changed it.This was my grandmother who i never saw,my mother had to bring up the family.
I never stop saying love you to my son and grandsons and they say it back.
Thank you my friend.
xx Alice

miffle at 13:39 on 25 June 2004  Report this post
Alice, a heartfelt poem. Yes, 'love you': two simple words, solve many problems, ease many hearts - -the sticking plasters of the verbal world ;-) Especially liked:

talked me through / my fear of ghosts

Someone missed greatly. Lots of love nikki x

Celt at 12:18 on 10 November 2004  Report this post
Hi Alice.
What a mother. If only all could be so selfless.
Great read.


roovacrag at 13:36 on 10 November 2004  Report this post
Celt many thanks for reading my pastpoem. She was a great person.

xx Alice

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