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David`s World

by crazylady 

Posted: 21 June 2004
Word Count: 296
Summary: For the one-word challenge, week 6. Gift

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Most people only get gifts at Christmas or on their birthday.
But at our house weíre lucky, weíre special.
You see, my Dad works all over the world and only comes home for a week every couple of months. When he comes home he brings gifts home for me and my little sister and for our Mum too.
Itís a bit like having two lives.
Thereís the life when thereís just the three of us. Thatís when we have trips to the park with Mum and weekend visits to Gran and Gramps and we all eat whatever we like, whenever we like.
Then thereís the other life, the exciting one when Dadís at home. We tidy up like mad before and then he comes back with our gifts.
Last time I got a battery operated fire engine with a siren and my sister Ellen got a blue fluffy rabbit and Mum got a bottle of perfume.
When Dadís home, on those nights me and Ellen have our tea after school and then Mum and Dad have posh dinner after weíve gone to bed. Mum looks different then, sheís not ours as much.
Itís funny because when Dadís not there she feels lonely for Dad and when he is there we feel lonely for Mum.
I remember once, the year before last when Ellen had forgotten him and when he came home she screamed and wouldnít go near him. That was because she didnít know who he was.
Now Iíve got bigger, he says to me when he leaves.
ď Now David, you can be the man of the house until I get back.Ē
I used to like it when he said that, but now I know itís silly because Iím not a man Iím a boy.

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Comments by other Members

Account Closed at 16:43 on 21 June 2004  Report this post
Hi CL,
This is very sweet. The boy's innocence comes across well. I like the rush to tidy up and how everyone changes when dad's there. Good line about lonliness.
ps Maybe we should start another group?

ShayBoston at 06:16 on 22 June 2004  Report this post
Oh I see, eg, plotting behind our backs. Quite happy to take the coveted prize on offer by our group yet you want you're own. Well we'll see about that.

Crazylady, I loved this. Very touching, heartrending. Reminded me of a period of my own childhood. Great effort.


crowspark at 14:35 on 25 June 2004  Report this post
Sweet with a sad edge. This tugs at so many "memories" of childhood that it seems entirely real.
Well done.

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