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Chez Audiman: menu

by Audiman 

Posted: 10 June 2004
Word Count: 176

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Hot Etna Wrap – hot hot hot! Plasma drizzled in basalt lava on a bed of volcanic ash and dark matter - eat from the edge.

Trilogy of goats crossing bridge, with sun-dried Monterey Jack troll, fresh grass on other side, served with medley of Bee Gees classics.

Existentialist crabs, served on hot Kafka bread. These little blighters will explore moral choice, arguing against an objective, rational basis for decisions and stressing the importance of individualism in questions of morality, truth and appetite. Don’t be deterred or feel sorry. Strike back with Anselm, explain that existence has a pattern, cite the Teleological Argument, and then tuck in! They’re bloody delicious.

Crispy athletic duck, still on the run, be quick.

Mussels with attitude, seafood not prepared to go without a fight, simply will not lie down. Good luck.

Chef’s special. Isn’t he? We do love him.

Contradictory clams, seafood for the lonely diner, will pick an argument at a funeral.

Espresso coffee, very fast drink, served on the back of a Ducati 996 superbike, be quick.

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Comments by other Members

Al T at 08:59 on 10 June 2004  Report this post
Hi Audiman, I read your whinge about people commenting on the wrong pieces last night - perhaps not the best way to win the support of your readers...

I have to say that, unlike the other pieces I commented on, this one failed to make me laugh at all, although the chef's special and the coffee did raise a bit of a smile. But then perhaps I'm not the kind of audience whose views you're interesting in.

Au revoir,



or interested in

Audiman at 09:09 on 10 June 2004  Report this post
Thanks, Adele. No, I wasn't whinging. Really. All views gratefully received. Perhaps it's just different tastes. I can't tell people what to like and what not to like - it just constantly surprises me.

Al T at 10:18 on 10 June 2004  Report this post
Audiman, I think the beauty of this site is that, if you are lucky, you will receive feedback from people you would never ordinarily encounter. We all live inside our own little bubble to a greater or lesser degree, and I find it immensely helpful to get views on my writing from people who don't know me. I have shown my work to a couple of friends but I know that they don't want to upset me, and so will be much more gentle than people on WW might be, and also, we have such similar tastes that their views are never wildly different from my own.

Anyway, I find your work generally intelligent and entertaining. Keep it coming.


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