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by Epona Love 

Posted: 06 June 2004
Word Count: 227
Summary: I suppose that this is about the illusion of love... unrealistic expectations??? Disapointment.

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So many years ago a precious bird
Flew high up to the heavens on a word.
The word was love, and she believed it so,
With all her heart and soul…She longed to go.

And so she beat her tiny, feathered wings,
With all her might, her will, her everything,
And climbed up to the highest heights above,
In search of all her dreams. In search of love.

And at ten thousand feet her tiny wings
Grew heavy… yet her heart began to sing,
In faith that she would soon begin to see
A love to outlast all eternity.

Still soaring through the air, ten thousand more,
She knew that she would find this love for sure,
So she strove ever upwards through the night,
In her anticipation of delight.

By thirty thousand feet the air grew thin,
Her heart seemed to explode from deep within,
And she could fly no further on those wings,
Or find the hope inside enough to sing.

And without hope that precious bird did fall
Soft feathers curled into a tumbling ball,
Faster than a bullet through the air,
Further than the depths of her despair…

Into a night, much darker than before
Without the light of hope on which to soar,
There fell a precious bird from heaven above,
For want of all her dreams. For want of love.

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Comments by other Members

Lawrenco at 23:42 on 06 June 2004  Report this post
A tale of betrail,or misconception ?I guess it must be the latter.
I really enjoyed the I must find Love at all costs -then her demise,it gets very dark indeed!

Perhaps it`s the mood i`m in?
I hpoe you don`t mind this but I put another stanza to how I feel finish it .

I hope you don`t mind .Perhaps it was intentionly,jagged.

But the bird fall did to,find its nest.
It`s tree of life that it did invest.
To mend its feathers from heaven too far above.
To try to find once more that cherished love.

Ticonderoga at 15:29 on 07 June 2004  Report this post

Very powerful and resonant, and beautiful; this has a mythic quality; the image of the soaring, tiring bird is very beautiful and evocative, containing many layers of meaning. It has the feel of some ancient allegory. I would certainly want to re-read this. Marvellous.

Love & Mercy,


Roly at 21:24 on 07 June 2004  Report this post
hello Epona love , a tale I know well , the soaring of hope , ill concieved as the air thins and the rapid descent to earth , which as you have been so "high " is one almighty bump ! you express it well , but the sweetness of the poem seems to indicate to me that you would do it all again , so hope and love dies triumph in the end ?

The Walrus at 19:51 on 09 June 2004  Report this post

I seriously loved this - the imagery is strong and vivid - a soaring bird - can't think of anything more perfect to personify love.

Reminded me of 'Jonathan Livingstone Seagull' by Richard Bach... with a happier ending of course.

Fabulous fabulous poem... going back to reread.

The Walrus


'unrealistic expectations???' No.

gard at 00:22 on 10 June 2004  Report this post
hi epona Lawrenco!

ooh sticky ha ha! seriously very sweet almost written for children in mind? Sad though.....Lovely rhythm and flow! Yes has the idea of soaring as in greek myths..
hey Lawrenco hurrah I like endings with hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Epona Love at 12:57 on 11 June 2004  Report this post
Thankyou all for your comments... I feel so happy that the poem was enjoyed...
Lawrenco, yes very dark without hope... which you very nicely added, thankyou.
Mike, thankyou.
Roly, thankyou yes I probably would! But the poem, when I wrote it, was more about all experiences of falling in love rather than one specific one... And there are some that I deffinately wouldn't do again!
The Walrus, thankyou... I love J.L. Seagull... I think everyone should read it. It is far more wonderful than my poem!
Gard, thankyou and yes a wonderful idea for children! A bit like the brothers Grimm! "So just remember children...." I think I would have been happier growing up without such romantic notions of love! Still it gives you something to dream of.

Emma, x.

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