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by Sara 

Posted: 24 May 2004
Word Count: 216

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Sometimes we donít always get what we want, we yearn for more but it never comes.
You say your not what I want and I donít like what I have but why does my heart skip a beat when we meet. Why is it only you that can create a tear of love and joy, why is it only you I want at night by my side to love and hold me tight.

I donít always express myself the best way I can. But I donít hide my feelings I never have I wear my heart on my sleeve thatís the only way I know to love.

I know we are both different in many ways but that is what makes us close like we are. Im no angel I never pretended I was. If our hearts want each other what can we do.

Stop all this hurt we have done to each other the pain is unbearable when you receive it from the one you love. , Maybe I cant be what you want me to be I can only be what you see and that is for you to accept I wish I could give you all the rest, and in time I will try and succeed but for now love and cherish me.

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Comments by other Members

roovacrag at 15:11 on 24 May 2004  Report this post
Welcome to WW.Sara.
A good poem,well written. Words flowed well and most can relate to.
Look forward to reading more.

Well done.
xx Alice

The Walrus at 19:10 on 24 May 2004  Report this post
Hi Sara

I really liked this piece because it represents for me a 'straight from the heart' piece of work, which I always think are the best - they just smack of truth.

I think the content is good but it reads like prose to me - I think restructed into a tighter format would, for me, read better. Just a thought.

Look forward to reading more.

The Walrus

Fearless at 14:43 on 25 May 2004  Report this post

I really liked and related to this. I agree with Walrus that it reads like prose; you could turn it into a poem easily, but you could go all the way and ratchet it up in intensity into a last letter between two lovers. Just a thought. I think you have a lot more to say about this.


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