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The Lawsuit

by Jubbly 

Posted: 21 May 2004
Word Count: 411
Summary: Another shorty I'm trying out for my show.

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The Lawsuit

“Well Edith, I think we've got a case.”

“Are you sure, it's never been done before?”

The gentleman leant forward over his desk and gently gripped Edith’s hand.

“Then we shall be the first to successfully sue the royal family, trust me.”

Edith looked into his eyes and saw there a kindness she’d never come across in all her working life, she wanted him to help her and she needed him to believe her story.

“And you me sir, I never would have took that job if I'd known it was so dangerous.”

He offered her a clean lace kerchief to catch the tears that could no longer be held back.

“I'm mean I'm a hard worker I am, sir don't get me wrong, it weren't the task that bothered me, but the working conditions.”

She mopped her eyes but stopped short of blowing her nose.

“You mean you could have been warned?”


The fine gentleman made notes as she spoke, and she noticed how exquisite his hand writing was, all loops and curls and neat little characters, if only she could write she thought, then she wouldn’t be in this predicament, she’d have had a proper job, one with a future inside where she would have been safe.

“You feel you should have been given protection?”

“Exactly.” She nodded.

“You could have been provided with special gear, a face mask for instance and a helmet.”

“I would have need a blinking suit of armor sir, I’m sorry, do beg my pardon.”

Edith blushed and turned away.

“Would you say your life has changed irreparably?”

“Oh yes, it’s awful, kiddies point and laugh, I know they can't help it, but the adults smirk or look away in disgust.”

“I'm so sorry.” he smiled benevolently.

“And this thing I have to wear, I know it’s temporary until I have surgery but it's so uncomfortable, the way it cuts into the back of my neck and it look so false.”

She was crying again.

“ I'm a freak, hideous and I can't even smell roses anymore.” She sobbed.

“There, there, don't worry about that now, you know who you are and I want you to know I'm on your side.”

“Thank you sir you're good man you are.”

“Right, now let's go through it all again, you were pegging out the royal households clothes and down came a blackbird and pecked off your nose?”

“Yes, yes, that's about right Sir.”

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Comments by other Members

crowspark at 20:53 on 21 May 2004  Report this post
Brilliant! - beautiful build up and wicked punchline. How evil of you to have had us laugh at this poor woman's simple gratitude. A wonderful escalation with the line “You could have been provided with special gear, a face mask for instance and a helmet”
Great stuff.



Oh yes, spotted a typo "I'm mean I'm " should be "I mean I'm"

Jubbly at 21:07 on 21 May 2004  Report this post
Thanks Bill, glad you liked it, I am pretty nasty when I want to be. Thanks for the typo mention, will ammend.



Phelim at 10:44 on 22 May 2004  Report this post

A writer after my own heart (see my latest flash fiction). I loved it.

I've often wondered what happened to the poor maid, and now I know. But don't leave it there. Did she win?


Inspiration at 16:32 on 22 May 2004  Report this post
This is good. I had no idea, as I was supposed to, what to expect at the end.

The 'special gear' bit made me laugh out loud, when I realised what had happened to Edith!

Great stuff!


Account Closed at 07:06 on 23 May 2004  Report this post
Wicked Julie!
Didn't see it coming at all (but I won't say what I'd been thinking of!) Could you get rid of the 'then' in Then we shall be the first -it doesn't follow from what she says.

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