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Forever Red

by The Walrus 

Posted: 09 April 2004
Word Count: 222

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From red I came.
To red I will go.

From prismatic passion
of parental love
came ambient genesis
of wombful blur,
the first colour I saw,
the last I will savour,
before my lashes
sweep their last
gliding shut
eclipsing flame of red
mirrored in my lenses
of brown.

And if enticed
down the nuptial aisle
that seemingly verdant boulevard,
I would shamefully relish
the cries of ĎJezebel!í
stepping upon the aisle
bedecked not demurely in ivory
or some other moral shade of white
but rather, in a particularly
scandalous shade of red,
my phoenix heels clicking imperiously
upon the flagstones of gold.

And when my heart
gushes its final bloodfall
donít dare to lay me down,
prop me up! (elegantly of course)
upon a bank of crimson cushions,
drape me scarlet,
paint my nails, daub my lips
with rouge du Liban.

And donít dare to talk in muted tones
about how sad (or perhaps how bad),
but dance instead for
Red, unleashed, uninhibited,
with one finger rebelliously raised
to the judgmental spectrum
spanning God to Satan.

And while the sable cinders
return me to earthly embrace
I will be far away,
still tasting claret on bitten lip,
still spinning pirouettes upon a poppied bedrock,
still fixing my laser beams, my heartís desire
upon the reasurring blaze
of a sunset,
Forever Red.

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Comments by other Members

Fearless at 10:22 on 09 April 2004  Report this post
All Red, and read - again and again. Cinematic colours, drama, attitude, humour, carefree disregard and irreverent contempt - all tinged with red. The words drop, slip, trip off the tongue, having tested my larynx, and the imagery has jammed up my minds eye with celluloid. While I am in the midst of a bloodrush created by such a lyric, akin to narcotic riot of old, all I can say is, whether red or just bold - a hell of a signature lyric.

Fearless x

Royals at 14:13 on 09 April 2004  Report this post
Defiant and vibrant. A piece that screams out to be read.


Lawrenco at 18:24 on 09 April 2004  Report this post
Really vibrantly written ,that is like a collecive of your life with such underlying vison that leaves you feeling really positive,but remains tireless and defiant,really enjoyed it.

Lawrenco .

The Walrus at 20:05 on 09 April 2004  Report this post
Thanks guys, your comments, as always really appreciated.

The Walrus

roovacrag at 20:12 on 09 April 2004  Report this post
Vibrant red,vibrant daughter,Vibrant through and through.
A great piece.
What can I say but GREAT.
Loved every stanza of it.
Long time coming.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Al.........stan

The Walrus at 20:21 on 09 April 2004  Report this post
Stan, yup... this one... a long time coming, (alot of exasperation, consultation (you know who you are) leaving it, going back to it, frowning at it, screwing my eyes up at, every word analysed a thousand times) Dare I say it? Happy with the result. As Fearless says, my signature lyric. This one's for me.

Hugely pleased you approve.


Ling Ling at 10:41 on 10 April 2004  Report this post
Mesmerizing, from begining to end! A friend of mine said to me recently, quote; 'some birds should never be caged, their feathers are just too bright', Funny how red is the brightest colour of all. It represents, passion, love, anger, defiance all captured in this awsome poem. Loved it.

Ling Ling x

The Walrus at 18:59 on 11 April 2004  Report this post
Thanks Ling Ling, liked the quote from your friend, how true.

Thanks for commenting.

The Walrus

Account Closed at 21:15 on 23 May 2004  Report this post
Hi 'Walrus'. Colours in poems are hard to come by. So it was a delight to read your poem. A colourful hybrid beauty. I liked the many subtextual references to all things red. And felt a strong connection to the force of life itself, the blood within the reader.

Jezebel, whether it be the priceless colourful gem stones, or the film 'Jezebel', with the 'red' dress - you've managed to encapsulate the colours of life in this beautiful and moving poem, and captivate everyone who reads it.

A brilliant piece of poetry, 'Walrus'.


The Walrus at 22:07 on 23 May 2004  Report this post
Ste, what can I say but thanks, your comments encapsulate the essence of the poem.

The Walrus

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