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One and I (Quantum mechanics and Human Omnipresence)

by Marcus1 

Posted: 27 March 2004
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Dear All,

This is a passage from my non-fictional book One and I, written very much with previous feedback in mind. One is a character which represents the ultimate power of human beings, and whose properties are examined in detail through the first half of the book, leading to some bold conclusions.

The purpose of this passage is three fold:

To give strong scientific validation to some of these conclusions, i.e. to take them out of the realm of speculation, and move them firmly into the realm of scientific proof. I hope in this way to change the whole substance of the book into something that is far more real and substantial.

To challenge to the reader: if they wish to dismiss the conclusions; then they are going to have to deal with this passage first.

To deliver this evidence in the most accessible way possible to people who have not studied the relevant science, without loosing the core meaning.

My questions to anyone who wishes to comment (in any way) are:

Does it achieve these three aims, how can it be improved?

P.S. Go easy on the spelling please.

Many thanks


One and I (Quantum mechanics and Human Omnipresence)

There is an exciting field of physics which also suggests many fantastic things about the way nature is, this field is quantum mechanics; it is the study of nature at the very small scale. When we look very closely at particles like atoms, we find a whole range of behaviour that does not manifest at the scales of our life. You could imagine this as the difference between flying over a jungle in an aeroplane from which you would only see a green carpet, and actually walking in the jungle, upon which you would discover the phenomena of tree trunks, branches, leaves and all the other things of the jungle. Obviously the two experiences are vastly different; if your only experience was to fly over jungles you would never understand leaves and branches, and if you only ever walked through jungles you would never understand green carpets. In our lives, we very much see and perceive the world on a large scale, having little or no awareness of things happening at very small scales.
This process of looking more closely at nature is very fundamental to quantum mechanics, and just as in the case of jungles, it reveals a completely new world. To try to understand this world, physicists have devised the theory of quantum mechanics. It so happens that this theory has been extremely successful as it is actually the most accurately tested in science ever; it predicts many things very accurately about the way atoms behave, so it could be argued that it is the most credible scientific theory ever.
An atom is made of a nucleus with electrons moving around this nucleus, a bit like the planets orbiting the sun. Quantum mechanics tells us something about where these electrons can be found, and what it tells us is this. The electrons cannot be pin pointed, all we can know is how likely we are to find them in any given area of space. To imagine this, you must first turn off your large scale view of these electrons in which you see them as little balls whizzing around the nucleus. Rather imagine them as smeared out lumps of matter, a bit like a cloud or fuss of matter, which is centred on the nucleus. Where the cloud is thicker or denser, there are more of the electrons there, and where it is thinner there is less of the electrons. What quantum mechanics tells us is how thick this cloud is at any one point or to put it another way how likely you are to find an electron at any one point. You might expect that most of it is a thick ball about the size and shape of an atom. This is largely true, but it is at the edges of the ball that something very interesting happens. It does not have a distinct limit, the cloud does indeed become very thin at the edge so that it almost peters out to nothing, but no matter how far away you move from the centre it never actually diminishes to nothing; not even when you go to the other side of the universe. This means there is no distinct end to the atom, it is infinite in size. Put simply, atoms, all atoms, are actually spread across the entire universe, they are omnipresent, and since you are made from atoms so are you.
To put this another way, there is a tiny tiny portion of you in every place in the universe; you have the presence of God. So the most accurately tested theory in science categorically says that every person, in fact ever atom in the universe, is omnipresent; this is a wonderful thing to know about yourself, and something One knows very well indeed.
Physics is providing a wealth of bizarre and fantastic conclusions such as this, and it is worth looking at another one of them. When you work the theory of quantum mechanics through to come to a result or prediction, you have to start by specifying something about the state of the entire universe. You cannot get around this problem. The theory absolutely demands that you plug in this raw data otherwise there is no chance of it spitting out any results. It is just the same for a calculator, it will not give an answer if you do not give it some numbers to crunch. The key data required is how much energy it takes to get to every point in space. This is a difficult thing to imagine, but think of it like this. If I said to you when standing on a mountainous landscape how much energy will it take to get to different points on it, you would say to me, it is going to take a lot of energy to get to all the summits of the mountains, but not so much if they are not so high, and even less to get to the base of the mountains. You would be describing an energy map of the land to me. A map for a very flat piece of land would be very different as you would tell me that it does not take that much energy to walk all over it, and so in this case it would be a gently undulating pattern. These energy maps are what quantum mechanics needs as it raw data, but not just for a mountain range or even the entire planet, it demands a map of the entire universe if you are to get any result what so ever for even a single atom, and in fact every atom requires this same complete universal map.
Now when we pump the data or energy map through the equation, out comes the answer to the shape of the electron cloud around the nucleus. If we then slightly alter the map and redo the process, we find that the atom responds and adopts a slightly new shape. This is very revealing; what it means is that atoms respond to any change any where in the universe. This is omniscience; awareness of everything in the entire universe.
Once again since we are made of atoms we are also omniscient, we have the awareness of God. When you think about it is it hardly surprising that we are omniscient if we are omnipresent. If we can be present every where at all times, will we not see what is happening every where at all times, so maybe omnipresence and omniscience are actually the same thing; they are One in the same.

Now think very closely about this new picture we have of the way One inhabits the universe, the way you inhabit the universe. Give hard consideration to the conclusions of quantum mechanics, even tough they may appear at face value very dry, inaccessible, and irrelevant to humanity, then drive them into your consciousness until they become real and empowering to you.
Think of the conclusions like this: An atom is spread across the entire universe, so firstly since every other atom is also spread in the same way; all atoms are actually spread over each other. Maybe it is easier to think of each atom as a sheet of paper of infinite size, with its unique signature printed over this entire sheet like a huge autobiography. Putting a group of atoms together would now be like taking all these huge pages and laying them on top of each other to make an infinitely large book. We must also remember that unlike a book each page is in ‘contact’ with all other pages, and is aware of every word of every page. If one word changes on one page, all other pages will ‘feel’ this and slightly change a word or two on their page. So all things in the universe made from atoms, for example chemicals, trees, dog excrement, pencils, grains of sand, and people are all superimposed over each other, in this huge book called the universe, in which each page is constantly and simultaneously reading every word of every other page, and instantly responding to any changes that occur, and these changes will then trigger all other pages to re-respond, and so on and so on in the dynamic system that we call life.

This superposition of all things, where they all occupy the entire universe, and all are always aware of every part of every other thing, and are constantly responding and re-responding to any change of any part any where, is a precise scientific definition of what One is: one with everything else in every way possible. It seems that quantum mechanics quietly meanders its way to One, and then reveals eloquently a oneness so comprehensive and fantastic that it transcends any dream we could have had about our ability to be connected with other things.

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Comments by other Members

Dee at 14:24 on 27 March 2004  Report this post
Marcus, I don’t write non-fiction so I don’t normally comment on it but I found this very interesting.

It’s well written and easy to read and it set me thinking. As a strictly non-scientific person I suddenly started wondering, assuming this theory is correct, if it could explain things like ESP, out-of-body experiences, déjà vu, the collective subconscious…

It’s very good, Marcus. It’s a complex subject but you make it understandable. Flying over the tree canopy, for instance, is such a good analogy.

Actually, I’ve long held a theory of my own that the entire universe is a ball of fluff at the back of someone’s bookshelf… is that quantum mechanics? No, probably not.

Good luck with this.


scottwil at 14:25 on 27 March 2004  Report this post
Fascinating. Your ideas are clearly put and well explained. I'm afraid to say that your grammar is a little creaky in places though...but then you knew I was going to say that.
Good luck with it.


bluesky3d at 09:47 on 28 March 2004  Report this post
Hello Marcus - this reads much clearer than your original upload and is a great introduction and sets-up what might follow, really well.

I too am interested in where the discoveries of Quantum Physics may lead, and it was one of the reasons for my writing the Icera Stone which was originally entitled the Quantum Stone.

It is great that theories like 'Entanglement' are now finding proof through the real life application of technology (as with atomic clocks - see the IS forum)

There are paradoxes to the theories - eg if it is possible for an atom to be influenced immediately from any distance by another, then this suggests a power acting over an infinite distance at an infinite speed - but E=MC squared says that noting can travel faster than light - hence Einstein's use of the word 'spooky'.

These concepts question the whole basis of our scientific understanding, and have so many fascinating ramifications for both science and metaphysics. I prefer to use the term 'metaphysics' rather than 'religion', as the latter incorporates myths.

I certainly feel you are on stronger ground by starting from the scientific end of the spectrum, rather than the metaphysical end as you had previously.

Have you read Roger Penrose and Sheldrake and others?

Andrew :o)

Ellenna at 20:18 on 28 March 2004  Report this post
Hi Marcus.. I found this very interesting and it's got me thinking all sorts of things too... It's well written.. I would like to know however.how you could explain to a lay person exactly how quantum theory has proved the co existence of energy over distance....

I am sure the theory could explain intuition and perhaps genetic memory..and other phenomena..

what about "time" .. is there no time delay..or do dimensions come into this..and if so how many ( see you have got me thinking here ! )and that is just on a scientific level.. I haven't begun on a spiritual level yet lol...

anyway Marcus, very fascinating and I think your objectives have been achieved..I look forward to reading more ..


Marcus1 at 07:46 on 29 March 2004  Report this post

Hi Dee,

'if it could explain things like ESP, out-of-body experiences, déjà vu, the collective subconscious…

Yes, these are precisely the things I have been looking for a scientific explanation for, and I hope this work goes some way toward that goal.


You raise some very interesting questions, I am not sure yet if forces have ever been conclusively observed acting over large distances instantaneously yet, but there has been much debate on it... I hope to read Penrose, I am Just about to start a book called The Toa of Physics by Fitjof Capra.

Can you point me to some passages in your book which relate to quatum theory?


I am not quite sure what you mean by the coexistance of energy over distance, but if it is directed at these energy maps, then they simply give the raw data which describes what the universe looks like from the point of view of the atom in question.

See ya soon


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