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The Gambler

by Royals 

Posted: 20 March 2004
Word Count: 125

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This piece and/or subsequent comments may contain strong language.

My red chips are low.
Last throw of the dice.
Must win to stay in the game.
If I lose,
someone's to blame.

'It's red all the way.'
Authorisation is given.
The wheel goes round;
painstakingly slow.

The ball bounces
in, out,
slot to slot.

'Get in a red.'
I want to prolong
my stay in Vegas
for fucks sake!

If it's red,
I win,
I stay;
I live to gamble
another day.

Black or green,
it's over,
me - a gambling underachiever.

The croupier calls 'red'
and I am in with a shout.
I can keep on gambling
for a few more bouts.

Like a boxer,
I'll go on
for far too long,
and my money
will gravitate
to the table
where it belongs.

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Comments by other Members

roovacrag at 00:22 on 21 March 2004  Report this post
Hi welcome to WW

This is a great poem, a good one for gamblers.
Well versed and well written, tight as is it should be.
Rolls off the tongue like a bet gambling.
Hope you join writewords as i want to read more of your work.

Well done
xx Alice

Fearless at 20:16 on 21 March 2004  Report this post
Hi Royals,

Welcome to WW. You captured that moment well. You could consider reqorking it subtly to add more signs of tension, e.g. bead of trickling sweat, etc. I liked the last stanza - it's the truth! Write on,


The Walrus at 21:32 on 21 March 2004  Report this post

An interesting poem. Have never read one on the subject of gambling, so it was enlightening. Felt the desperate wishing, praying. Very tense.

Good piece.

Write more.

The Walrus

Lawrenco at 20:18 on 09 April 2004  Report this post
It really captures the buzz,of the moment ,the beauty part of hedonistic living on a knifes edge,cut of so it doesn`t become a lesson in morality,but more one of suspence .Enjoyed your debut welcome to ww.


Royals at 17:51 on 17 April 2004  Report this post
Thanks Lawrenco!


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